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'Lilly's pov'

I wake up with a huge headache 'where am I' I think as I look around me how did I get back to Nya and I's room?' I wonder "Lloyd carried you in last night" Nya says to me sitting up in her bed "can you read minds?" I ask laughing "owwww" I put my fingers to my temples and trying to stop the pain "here" Nya hands me headache medicine "sensei said you get the day off from training today" she tells me as I swallow the medicine "is that why I didn't wake up to that annoying gong this morning?" I ask her "yep, sensei went in and woke the guys up today, actually I think the guys are training now" she says "ok Nya since I'm not training today you can choose my outfit for the day if you want to" I ask/tell her "yay!! your serious right?" she asks and I nod.

She runs into our closet and brings me out a jean skirt, a blue tank top,a jean jacket that only goes half way down your back and black flats "a skirt, oh joy" I laugh "do I get to do your makeup and hair too?" she asks as I get my outfit on "ya of corse" I answer "your like the little sister I never had" she says "haha right back at you" after I get my skirt and things on she does my hair up in a braided bun. For the makeup she made my eye look more normal than she put some light blue eyeshadow on me and light pink lipgloss "your done" she announces very proudly.

As we are walking to the bridge I look down to my knuckles and they started to bleed again,bad 'was I bleeding this bad all night' I start to wonder, I feel light headed as I climb the last step to get to the training deck before you get to the bridge, suddenly I collapse.

'Lloyd's pov'

The guys and I are training when I hear someone fall I whip around to see Lilly lying on the ground "Lilly!" I yell and run over to Lilly and a very worried Nya, I pick her up and bring her up to the bridge "Mom! Dad! Sensei!!" I yell when I reach the door the others not far behind me "what is it Llo-" mom gets cut off when she sees Lilly "Garmadon, Wu come here quickly!" mom yells over her shoulder, dad and sensei's eyes widen at the sight of Lilly "come, get her to the medicine room, quickly" sensei says to me.

As soon as we get there I was shooed out of the room. I paced back and forth while Cole sat against the wall "Lloyd?" he asks me "ya" I answer and stop paceing "why are you so worried about my sister?" he asks me and I have no clue how to answer "I...I don't know" was all I could say, Cole put his head to his knees then I hear a very muffled "I can't loose her too" I sit down beside him and pat his back "it's going to be ok, and what do you mean too?" I ask him, I honestly don't know what to say "when Lilly was five our house set on fire and my mom died saving Lilly and me" he says "I'm sorry, does Lilly remember?" I ask "ya for years she thought is was her fault that mom died". My mom pops her head out of the door "Cole" she says and motions for him to come in.

'Coles pov'

I walk in and see Lilly sitting on the bed with Nya by her side and sensei wrapping her knuckles with bandages "Lilly" when I call out to her both her and Nya turn around "Cole it looks like your sister is going to be fine" sensei tells me and I breath a sigh of relief "so what happened?" I ask slowly "well that we still don't know but she seems to be ok now, and she says that all of the pain is gone " Misako says "Cole" Lilly asks me "ya Lilly, what's wrong" I ask starting to get worried again "what? nothing's wrong but what are the others doing?" she asks me like the curious girl she is "well, I think Zane is cooking lunch, Jay and Kai are playing video games and last time I saw Lloyd he was pacing the hall" a smile appeared on Lilly's face.

'Misako's pov"

"Is Lloyd allowed to come in?" Lilly asks in a very innocent voice "I don't see why not" Garmadon says opening the door and letting Lloyd in. He runs over to Lilly and picks her up in a hug while Cole snaps a picture "Lloyd be careful" I scold him "well I'm glad to see you too" Lilly says to him as he puts her down Lilly giggling and both of them blushing like crazy I laugh a bit and Garmadon whispers in my ear "I used to look at you the same way he looks at her" than he kisses my cheek Lloyd and Lilly let out a group "ewwww" than look at each other, blush and laugh.

'Normal pov'

Cole is still snapping pictures "wait until the guys see this" Cole says teasing them "if you show them I will never here the end of it" Lloyd says "I know" Cole replies smugly than runs out of the room and into the kitchen where all of the others currently are and starts showing them the pictures. Lilly and Lloyd race to the kitchen and Lilly picks up a bowl of mashed potatoes off of the table, walks up behind Cole and dumps them all over his head.

'Garmadon's pov'

Wu, Misako and I walk into the kitchen and find a food fight happening, I was about to yell stop but Misako stops me "let kids be kids" she tells me than pours a bowl of cake batter over my head and runs deeper into the food fight.

'Lilly's pov'

The food fight is so fun we even got Misako, Garmadon and sensei to join, and nobody was worried about the mess we had to clean up later. Nya comes up to me "team?" she asks "oh ya" I say and we shake on it "who should we go for?" I ask her getting ammo "maybe your boyfriend, Lloyd?" she teases me "he's not my boyfriend" I tell her she laughs than asks "Kai than Cole?" "lets do this!" was my answer to her question.

We walked over to them slowly than on the count of three we throw every thing we had in our hands at them and they throw what they had at us. I suddenly feel a gooey mess running down my face and back, I turn around and see Lloyd laughing like a hyena Nya pokes my shoulder smiles and than hands me some red icing I mouth 'thank you', turn around to Lloyd and dump it on his head.

I see Nya chasing Jay with something that looks sticky and then Lloyd starts to chase me. I run like mad into the dining room and he backs me up into a corner, he comes closer and closer holding the sticky mess in a bowl, I close my eyes, but instead of feeling another mess running down my face I feel lips pressed up against mine I open one eye a slit and see Lloyd kissing me I put my arms around his neck, playing with his hair and he puts his one arm that wasn't holding something gooey around my waist.

'Lloyd's pov'

I pull back gasping for air 'I finally did it, I kissed her' I think as she pulls me back in for another one, we hear a loud 'click' and a sarcastic "ewwww" we both pull away "COLE!! I swear if you took a picture of that I will kill you!!!" Lilly yells laughing and coming to stand beside me I turn around and all of the guys, sensei and mom are there I look around for dad "don't worry it's just me" mom says and I breath a sigh of relief "but I can't wait to tell your father!" mom laughed "tell me what?" dad asked walking into the room "this" Cole says showing him the picture "oh" dad says "you all better sleep with one eye open tonight" Lilly says grinning.

I realize that I still have the bowl of goop in my hand I turn to Lilly and dump it on her head "you are SO dead!!" she laughs and starts to chase me.

'Lilly's pov'

I hear Nya laugh behind me as I chase Lloyd onto the training deck "you'll never catch me!" He yells over his shoulder I speed up, for some reason I need to show him that I can catch him, I get in front of him, turn around and stop, making him run right into me, he knocks me over and falls down himself "maybe I didn't think this through" I mumble he comes over to me and helps me up "hey Lilly?" he asks "ya" I reply "would you maybe go on a date with me tomorrow after training?" He asks "Lloyd" I say with a fake frown "I under-mnpf" I cut him off with a kiss " I would love to" I smile and so does he.

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