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I wake up in the middle of the night and the bounty is rocking violently, I decide to get a drink of water. I walk to the kitchen and it's not raining any more in fact you could have never told that it had other than the waves.

Suddenly an alarm goes off, I go and quickly change into my ninja outfit I run back up to the bridge "Lilly guys there is a fire on an apartment in Ninjago!" Nya yells.We all get there and the guys get the parents out of the room on the second floor where the fire started "you..." the mother reaches for me while the others are evacuating everybody, the building is starting to collapse"my daughter... she's still in there" she tells me "I'll get her" I yell running in "Lilly" Cole catches my arm "Cole I won't let what happened to us happen to that little girl and her family!" I yell and he lets go of my arm with a look of realization.

I enter the building and the smoke is so thick I can barley see or breath I rush up the stairs and into the room the fire started in "hello is anyone still in here!" I yell desperately "in here" a little girls voice comes from in a room I go in and the little girl couldn't be more than 5 or 6 and she was stuck under a part of ceiling that fell on her "ok ready one,two,three!" I yell pulling the ceiling off of her and holding her in my arms "it's gonna be ok" I say stroking her hair.

Suddenly the ground breaks out from under my feet, I clutch onto the little girl with all of my might we fall down until I hit ground the little girl crying and clutching onto my chest I try to move myself but my ankle is trapped under a post that fell with us and when I try to move it pain shoots up into my whole body "hey, we're going to be ok" I tell her and as she weeps into my chest I gasp.

*Flash back*

Black smoke surrounds us "Lilly, Cole run!" my moms voice is faint just a whisper "Mom? MOM!?" I call for her running around the fiery house eventually finding my moms body with Cole crying beside her "MOM!!" I yell and tears fill my eyes, my mom takes me and kisses me and Cole each on the forehead and with her last breath and jolt of strength she pushes me and Cole out of the way as the ceiling collapses "MOM!!! NOOOOO!!!" I yell crying as Cole hugs me and I cry into his chest as he strokes my hair and the fire fighters come and get us out of the house.

*End of flash back*

I pull my ankle out from under the post ignoring the pain 'i can not let this little girl die' I think getting up I try to put pressure on my ankle still clutching the girl it hurts but I MUST get this girl to safety, she starts crying again "hey, I need you to try to try to stay strong ok" I ask her and she nods still clutching to me tightly, parts of the ceiling start to collapse above us, I jump out of the way of the collapsing ceiling as well as I can, the pain of my ankle is almost to much to bear but I put up with it I finally see the door and bring the girl out of the building "LILLY!!!" the guys yell and rush over as my ankle collapses leaving me on the ground with the little girl in my lap "hey, we're out" I tell her softly, brushing her hair out of her face with my fingers and taking my hood off"thank you so much" she says hugging me tightly "you are welcome" I say as the paramedics come and tell us "you both need to be examined for injuries that you have and also your smoke inhalation" "ok" I say holding the girl and standing on my one good foot "you five too" he points at the guys.

They bring over a medical bed for me and the girl to sit on as they look at my ankle when they come at us with needles for taking blood the girl grabs my arm "it's ok, here" I hold out my hand "hold my hand and we'll do it together" I say and she takes my hand they put the needles in and the girls grip tightens the paramedic comes back to us as well as the girls parents "well your ankle is badly sprained" he tells me "and you have two broken ribs" he tells the girl "ok" I say "Lilly her ribs could have been even worse but thanks to you she is ok" the paramedic says "we do not know how to repay you" her mother says "you do not need to repay me it's all in a days work for a ninja" I reassure them "thank you for saving Destiny" her father says to me.

We say our goodbyes and the guys and I are off to the bounty on the ultra dragon as soon as we get there Nya, Garmadon, Misako and Sensei ask about injuries and start to research teas to heal our injuries or in Zane's case start to repair his wires.

Injury list:

Lilly: sprained ankle

Lloyd: sprained wrist

Kai: concussion

Jay: three broken ribs

Cole: broken kneecap

Zane: torn wires

We all end up passing out on the floors or couches for the rest of the night still in our dirty ninja outfits.

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