I Will See You Again

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'Lilly's POV'

I don't sleep well that night, due to all of the thoughts that float aimlessly around my mind.

I awake to see sunlight shining through the opening in the middle of the closed curtains. I roll over and place my hand on the spot that Lloyd had occupied not so long ago.

I hold my necklace, my mothers warm presence wraps around me like a blanket

"Mom, please, if there's anything you can do, please, protect him..." Tears begin to fall down my face "don't let them hurt him..." My voice is shaking, it doesn't sound like it should be coming out of my mouth.

I let go of my necklace and the room feels cold again. I slowly sit up on the edge of the bed and let the blankets fall of of my body. I stand and quickly get ready. It surprises me that nobody had come to get me yet.

I walk out of our room, through the hall, down the stairs and into the dining room. Everyone looks at me as I walk in

"Good morning Lilly," Nya calls and motions for me to sit down between herself, who is holding Gwen, and Lloyd, who is holding Ari

"Morning," I reply with a small nod. I sit down and look at my plate; pancakes. Zane must have made breakfast this morning

Everyone begins to chat amongst themselves while we eat.

"C'mon Ari, you've got to eat something." Lloyd holds a fork with pancakes and maple syrup over Ari's plate

"No!" Ari crosses his arms and hits the fork out of Lloyd's hand, causing it to land on the plate. Ari is a picky eater, that became obvious very quickly.

As I continue to look at his face, I notice that his eyes are red and puffy, and tear streaks cover his cheeks.

"Ari, what's wrong?" I ask quietly. Both him and Lloyd look to me

"I-I miss my brother..." Ari answers, his answer almost brings tears to my eyes. Nya, seeing that my words are getting caught in my throat, speaks up

"Ari, we all miss Felix," she feeds Gwen, but, Gwen too has red, puffy eyes and tear streaks running down her face. I look to Jackson, same thing.

"Of course we do, and we will begin making a plan to get him back today," Garmadon looks to the small raven-haired child

"But you must eat, you cannot become big and strong like your father if you don't," Ari's eyes light up at Misako's words. He uncrosses his arms and looks back down to his plate

"Fine," he picks up his fork and shoves the maple syrup covered pancakes into his mouth.

I look to Misako's smiling face and mouth a "thank you". She nods and gives me a light hearted smile

I mouth the same thing to Nya, she smiles and continues to feed Gwen.

After breakfast the kids go and play in the living room, while the rest of us sit at the dining table. Misako spreads her scrolls out and we begin to look through them, we look for something, anything, to tell us how I can use my powers to destroy the Evil Ninja.

'Evil Lloyd's POV'

The boy has more power then any of us could have ever imagined. He can destroy a solid brick wall with the flick of his wrist.

This must be truly devastating for Lilly and my other, having their "son" taken away and turned against them... How marvellous...

The boy calls me master. The darkness that we've injected him with seems to be working very well. He should become permanently evil in only days.

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