Right Then and There

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'Lilly's POV'

I look out the dark window, until my dad and Cole hurriedly walk over to me

"Lilly, you're alright..." I see that they've both been crying

"Do you feel alright?" Cole asks

"Not really" they gave me medicine for my wound, but it still hurts

"I'm so proud of you Lilly..." I try to smile at my father, but pain hits me again and it turns into me biting my lip

"Mr. Brookstone, may I talk to you for a moment please?" A tall male doctor asks

"Of course" my father leaves my side and the doctor walks out of the room, closing the door behind him

"Cole, are the others alright?" I ask, turning to face him

"Lilly, don't worry about them right now... but, yes, everyone is alright..." he stops, avoiding eye contact with me

"What is it Cole?" I ask

"We... We couldn't kill the Evils'..." he answers

"Why? What happened?!" I begin to panic, thinking that someone got hurt

"Lilly, calm down, we just weren't strong enough" he holds my hand

"But... what happens now...? Nothing could be stronger then you five combined...?" I question

"Lilly, your forgetting yourself. You're light, you're strong enough to kill them." he looks me straight in the eye

"But.... But what if I can't?!" I begin crying

"You can, don't-" the nurse who I saw when I first woke up cuts Cole off

"Sir, I think you should leave her for now, she is in pain, you can see her later" she says

"What?! You can't-?!" I cut him off this time

"Cole, don't worry." his expression softens and he nods

"See you later sis" he says

"See you" I say.

'Lloyd's POV'

Lou walks out of the room with a doctor and they talk for what feels like forever. When they finish, Lou is close to tears.

Not long after Lou sits back down, Cole walks out

"Is she okay?" I ask quietly, not wanting to wake the others, who are sleeping

"Why don't you go see her for yourself, I'm sure she would love to see you Lloyd." Lou tells me


"Yes, go see her" I slowly stand up and set Felix in the chair where I was sitting. He shifts around a bit before returning to his deep sleep.

I walk quietly into Lilly's room. The doctors and nurses look at me, but don't say anything. Lilly, however smiles widely and holds her arms out.

I kneel beside her bed and hold her in my arms

"Lloyd..." she whispers, I can her begin to cry

"Lilly, I missed you so badly.." I pull away from her just enough to press my lips to hers. When we pull away I push her hair out of her face and press my forehead to hers

"Lloyd, please, don't leave me..." She whispers

"I won't, I won't ever leave you..." and it's right then and there that I decide that I will marry this woman, I will never leave her side, I will fight for her for the rest of my life. Us and Felix, we will be a family.

"Lloyd?" Lilly's voice snaps me out of my thoughts

"Yes?" I look into her eyes

"..." she looks hesitant to tell me and averts her eyes

"What is it?" I ask again

"I..." she stops herself again "nothing... It can wait..." I can see worry in her eyes

"Alright..." I turn her head, making her look into my eyes "I love you, Lilly" I kiss her again, pulling away slowly

"I love you too Lloyd". She lays back in her bed

"Miss. Lilly, you should try to get some sleep." the female nurse turns to Lilly


"Goodnight Lilly" her eyes are closed by the time I reach the door. I pick up Felix and think about when I can sneak off and buy a ring...

'Evil Lloyd's POV'

I've gathered the four others in the 'living room' to tell them my plan.

"Why aren't we attacking now? She's vulnerable?" Evil Kai asks

"Because, I want to make him suffer... I want them all to suffer..." I look to Evil Cole as he speaks

"How do you plan on making them suffer anymore then they would if we killed her now?" He asks

"Well, as you've seen, they love each other very much... They will be married... They will have children, and what better way to make him suffer the very most, then to kill her while she is bearing his child..." I smirk and see the others quickly catch on

"That will be devastating... Loosing his love, and his child..." Evil Jay finishes Evil Zane's thought

"How amazing... I can't wait..."

We continue to plan. This will be beautiful, I cannot wait until I get to watch him suffer...

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