The One | Awsten

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The first time you met the boy with colorful hair and two differed colored eyes, you knew he was the one.

Bright purple hair. That's what first caught your eye. He looks back toward you, and your heart nearly stops. He's so beautiful. Like literal art.

He smiles slightly when he sees you. He starts coming over to you, and your heart starts to beat faster. You run a hand through your hair quickly, hoping it looks okay.

"Hi," he says, a smile on his face. In the light, you can see his blue eyes.

"Hi," you reply, your cheeks flushing slightly. Obviously you came to the bar to meet someone, but you weren't really prepared to converse with someone as beautiful as him.

"I'm Awsten," he says. "With a 'w'. My hobbies include drinking baby blood and fish oil. It's very rejuvenating," he tells you, making you nearly snort.

You try not to laugh, but you can't stop yourself. You burst into laughter, and he laughs, too.

"I'll try it sometime," you say.

"It's an expensive practice. When you're in a famous band like me, you can afford it. I can give you some money," he says, reaching in his pocket and pulling out a dollar. "I'm rich."

"You're in a band?"

"We're God's favorite boy band," he says, a grin on his face. You notice how one eye is a slightly different color from the other. His eyelashes are so long.

"Is that so?" you ask, unable to stop the smile forming on your face. He's so funny—almost to the extent of sounding batshit crazy, but you still love it.

"You should see us perform sometime." He stuffs the dollar back in his pocket. "And buy seven copies of our new album," he adds.

"Will do," you reply.

"Do you want to see my cock?" he asks with a straight face.

You raise an eyebrow, and he suddenly reaches into his pocket and produces his phone. He shows you his wallpaper, which is a rooster.

"Very exciting," you say, trying not to laugh.

"Do you want to see the other one?"

"Maybe next time," you reply. "Are you always this..."


"I was going to say eccentric," you reply.

"I'm usually like this, but I'm also nervous right now so I'm talking a lot."


"I've never talked to anyone as attractive as you. And I'm in a band with Geoff and Otto."

"I have no idea who Geoff and Otto are but thank you," you say, your cheeks flushing.

"They're hot. We're God's favorite boy band. We're also rich," he says, reaching into his pocket again.

"I don't want your dollar or your cock," you tell him, making him giggle.

"I'm too pure to give you my cock," he says right as someone passes by. The person gives you a look, and you feel your cheeks flush a deeper red.

"Which one are we talking about?"

"Both," he replies.

"Ah I see."

"At least not until I take you out first," he says.
"Then you can have my phone. Second date and then you can have—"

"I'll stop you right there, Awsten with a 'w'," you tell him, making him giggle again.

"I was going to say that you could have Geoff, but I guess you're not getting Geoff."

"He sounds lovely, but I'd rather have you," you say without really thinking, and you feel your heart beat faster.

He raises an eyebrow and grins brightly. "We can arrange that."

And then you wound up married and now you have to put up with him every day. But you still love it. And him.


okay so

my writing and characters don't listen to me, and all my characters act however the fuck they want to

Awsten wanted to act like this

I'm sorry and/or you're welcome

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