Twister Part 2 | Geoff

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You're playing a bonus round with the boys...

"Alright, left hand red," Awsten tells you, and you put your left hand on one of the red circles.

"Do we have to answer questions?" Geoff asks.

"Well now I have to answer your question," Awsten says. "Right hand blue, Geoffus," he adds.

Geoff moves beside you and puts a hand on one of the blue circles near you.

"You're just trying to make out with her," Awsten accuses. "Right foot green, Mr. Wood," he says.

"I love Otto, but I'd rather wind up close to my girlfriend, thanks," Geoff says, and Otto smacks Geoff lightly. "Hey!"

"You're cheating on me!" he says, making you laugh.

"If anything, he's cheating on me," Awsten comments as he puts his left foot between you and Geoff on a blue circle.

"Awsten, you're making this too difficult," you say, and he giggles.

"Right hand yellow," Awsten informs you, and you reach across Geoff to put your hand on a yellow circle.

"Left foot red."

Geoff puts his foot on a red circle, winding up even closer to you.

"Right hand blue," Awsten tells Otto, who puts a hand on a blue circle. "I get to put my hand right here," Awsten says, putting his left hand on a red circle near you. At this point, the three of you are a tangled mess. Awsten and Geoff are facing you, though Geoff is closer to you.

The game progresses, and Geoff winds up falling on his ass just like the first time.

"Fuck," he says as he laughs. He's literally just sitting in front of you, and when he has to move his hand to a red circle, he knocks you over, making you fall, too.

"Geoff!" you complain, and he gives you a sheepish smile.

"Sorry," he says, and you shake your head—but you're smiling. Awsten and Otto are still in the game, and you keep going. Eventually, Awsten becomes wedged between you and Geoff, who are resting your heads on each other's shoulders.

"No being a couple," Awsten tells you, putting his head over both of yours. He nearly falls on his ass, but he just barely manages to stay upright.

"You breaking us up?" you ask, not able to move due to Awsten's blueberry head.

"Fuck yeah I am," he says before promptly falling on top of you both.

"Awsten!" you shriek, being pushed to the floor. The three of you lie in a heap, and of course, Otto has won again.

"I win!" he yells, getting up.

"Awsten, get the fuck off me," you say, trying to shove him off.

"Bitch does it look like I wanna eat carrots with you?" he counters, and you burst into laughter.

"Get the fuck out, Felony Steve," you tell him, and he finally gets off you. You sit up, and Geoff does the same. Your back hurts a bit, and you just lie down on the mat.

"The professional contortionist wins again," Geoff comments, making Otto giggle.

"I'm going to win next time," Awsten says.

"There won't be a next time. I'm too old for this," Geoff responds, making you laugh slightly.

"You're fine," you tell him, rolling over to look at him.

"Oh great, now you're going to get all syrupy here. We can't let them know you're soft, Geoff," Awsten warms seriously.

"Look at his face. Who would think he's anything but soft?" you respond.

"Hey I can be...not soft," Geoff says.

"I see you avoided saying "hard" there," you comment, making Awsten giggle.

"I did. I really did."

You continue discussing how soft Geoff is exactly, but at the end of the day, you know he's a soft boi™.


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