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You're seeing your crush...

You haven't seen him in years. You've missed him so so much.

And now, you're going to see him after all this time. You'd written a letter, but it didn't seem good enough. So you didn't bring it with you. You wait impatiently for him. He's just taking a few minutes between shifts to meet you. You know you won't have much time with him, but that's okay. It was either that or waiting until next month. And you can't wait that long.

So you wait, and you wait. When it feels like you literally cannot wait anymore, you hear a voice.

"Sorry!" he says, bursting out of the store. His face is slightly flushed; he still looks good.

You just smile, but your heart is beating so fast.

"Hey," you say. You want to throw your arms around him and tell him how much you love him. But you don't. He knows, anyway. You told him your feelings before; this is just the two of you meeting.

His purple hair is messy, and his different colored eyes are shining brightly.

"Sorry it took so long," he says. "Thanks for coming all this way."

"Of course," you say, your heart just about ready to burst out of your chest.

"Do you want to take a picture together?" he asks, and you nod. You pull out your phone and open up the camera app.

"You have longer arms than I do," you say, but he laughs.

"I don't take selfies."

"I don't take selfies, either!" you retort. "Alright fine fine." You let out a breath and take the picture. You lower your phone and look to him again. He's so beautiful. He's even more beautiful than you'd remembered.

"I gotta get back soon," he says, his expression apologetic.

"It's fine. Thanks for seeing me." You know what you want. You just go and ask, "Can I hug you?"

"Of course," he replies, and you wrap your arms around him. He smells just like you'd always remembered. You want to hold onto him forever. You want to just hug him until you both rot and die. Well, maybe not that much.

You feel yourself almost burst into tears.

"Fuck, I'm about to cry," you say as you pull away from him.

"What why? That much?" he asks, and you just laugh.

Tears prick your eyes. "Yeah. That much."

He laughs slightly; he's so incredibly beautiful. You wonder if he's actually real.

"I just missed you so much. So much," you say, your heart beating faster. It's all moving so fast. It's all such a blur.

"I missed you, too," he says, smiling as he looks into your eyes.

"You know, if you have time sometime, we should go somewhere together."

"Definitely. Absolutely," he immediately says, making you grin.

"I'll see you, then."

"See you."

And with that, you part ways. Your heart is full. It was only a bit, but it's all you needed. You know now: you're in love with him. You don't know how he feels, but you're in no rush.

Time will tell all.


I'm emotional 

sorry this was a bit short

I wrote it on the train

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