Blueberry | Awsten

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You're at home with your boyfriend, Awsten...

"Will you please stop stabbing my arm with your bony finger?" you groan, looking over to Awsten.

"Excuse you—my finger is not bony," he retorts, poking your arm again for emphasis.

"It feels extremely sharp to me," you tell him, swatting his hand away. "Leave me alone and let me finish my book."

He grabs your legs off his lap and drops them onto the floor.


"I told you I needed to go to the store to get more blueberries," he says as he stands up. He crosses his arms and looks down at you.

"You're a blueberry," you respond, looking back to your book.

"I'm not blue anymore," he retorts, making a face at you.

"Just because your hair is now purple doesn't mean you look any less like a blueberry." You let out a breath. "Anyway be quiet so I can finish. You're just pushing back the time we leave," you say, and he huffs indignantly.

"What's the point in having a girlfriend if she doesn't take you to the store to get blueberries?" he mutters, and you raise an eyebrow at him.

"Awsten, you can fucking drive," you point out.

"But I want to fucking go with you."


"I can make you drive, and you'll buy me blueberries," he says, smiling slightly before giggling.

"Even you realize how ridiculous that is," you respond, looking back to your book.

"I'm just laughing because I know you're going to cave and drive me there," he says, and you close your book.

"I literally have ten pages left in my book, Awsten. Can you please just wait in the kitchen or something?"

"There are no blueberries in the kitchen. You know I can't wait there. I'll just come back and demand you take me to the store so we can get blueberries," he tells you seriously.

"Then sit back down and be quiet for five minutes," you tell him, opening your book once more. "Five fucking minutes, Mr. Knight."

He lets out a breath but sits down again beside you. He grabs your legs and puts them in his lap once more.

"We can go after this, okay?" you say, and he nods. "I feel like you're probably not going to be quiet," you comment, and he stifles a laugh, letting you know that you're right.

You start reading again, and you can feel the pressure of a certain person staring at you intensely. It's like a hole is burning through your head.

"Awsten," you say without looking up from your book.


"Stop staring at me."

"I'm not making noise. You never said I couldn't stare at you," he replies matter-of-factly.

"Let me finish my book. Please."

"Drive me to my blueberries," he replies as if "blueberries" is a place.

"Drive your own ass to your blueberries," you retort, keeping your eyes on the book.

"Please. I just want to spend time with you," he whines. "And I can't detach my ass."

"We're literally spending time together right now. You just want your stupid blueberries, you stupid blueberry ass," you respond, trying not to laugh.

"I am not a stupid blueberry ass," he says too loudly before promptly crashing onto you.

"Awsten!" you shriek as he crams his arms under your waist and clings to your stomach.

"Now you can't ignore Felony Steve," he says, putting his ear against your stomach as if you're pregnant.

"No. No. I swear to fucking god, Awsten—"

"Bitch does it lo—"

"Felony Steve can get out," you tell him, not particularly in the mood for him to start being crazier than usual.

"I'll stop if you take me to my blueberries," he says, and he starts trying to pull up your shirt.


He pulls up the bottom of your shirt and runs his fingers along your bare skin, making you shriek.

"Take me to my blueberries!" he yells, and you practically throw your book across the room.

"Fuck you, Awsten!" you yell, trying to push him off you. He stops tickling you, but he moves up your body, pinning you down.

"Maybe later," he says, grabbing your hand as you try to whack his arm.

"Can you let go of me?" you groan, but you're laughing.

He leans in, his face inches from yours. His eyes stare into yours.

"Take me to my blueberries," he whispers, and you see his eyes flicker to your lips.

"If I take you to your blueberries, you have to promise to let me finish my book later," you respond, smiling slightly.

"I let you almost finish it," he points out.

"But do we have a deal?"

"You're not really in the place to bargain," he says, moving even closer. His lips almost brush yours.

"I'm always in the place to bargain," you respond, lifting your head enough to kiss him.

He smiles as he kisses you back. He releases your hands so you can wrap your arms around him. Pulling him closer, you deepen the kiss. You run your fingers through his soft hair and smile against his lips.

"Deal?" you whisper.

"Fine," he replies. He pulls away enough to say, "I'll bother you after the blueberries and after you finish your book."

You look into his eyes. "Alright. Let's go, then."

"I want to kiss you more," he says, making you smile slightly. "But nothing past that because I'm pure," he adds, making you nearly burst into laughter. You almost head-butt him, making him laugh.

"Yeah, you keep telling yourself that," you say, pecking him on the lips one more time.

He smiles and finally pulls away, getting off you.

"Okay, now to the blueberries," he says, clapping his hands.

"Fine fine," you say, getting off the couch and going to get your keys. You laugh slightly as you add, "I feel like I've been coerced into this."

"We both got something out of that," he replies, smirking slightly as he comes over to you.

"You're getting blueberries, but I'm yet to finish my book," you respond, and he giggles.

"You can't say no to me," he says, making you groan.

"I'm done with you," you tell him, but you're walking out the door toward your car.

"You're still driving me to my blueberries."

"I'll just leave you in the fruit aisle."


I had to write a thing for school and I just added a bit to write this up 

I love writing about Awsten because the feeling I get is amazing. It's like real life doesn't exist anymore and it's just Awsten being Awsten.

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