How Faces Thank | Awsten

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You're at home with your best friend, Awsten...

When you look at him, you feel safe. He's your safe place, and he knows it. You don't have to be doing anything together; you're happy just existing beside one another.

"Do you want anything to drink?" he asks suddenly, and you look up at his face. His blue and green eyes look down, meeting your eyes and making you smile slightly. You've always loved his different-colored eyes. Before, you'd never actually met anyone with eyes like his, and even after knowing him for several years, you're still in awe of how beautiful they are.

"No, I'm okay," you say, and he smiles slightly.

"I'm going to grab some water," he says, disentangling himself from you. You stick out your bottom lip dramatically, making him roll his eyes. You love being close to him all the time; you'd stay by his side forever if you could.

You run a hand through your hair and look at him. "You mean orange juice."

"No," he lies, giggling slightly to let you know you're right.

"Alright," you say, waving him off and stifling a laugh yourself. He sticks his tongue out at you before walking out of your room.

Your days are often like this. You spend the day in your room, lying in a heap on your bed as you listen to music or read. Sometimes, when you're feeling extra wild, you put on a movie. Today, you're literally just lying there on your phones, occasionally texting each other memes even though you could very easily show your screen to the other person. It's just not the same.

You stretch your body and look up at your ceiling as you wait for him to come back. You've been best friends forever, and you thought that would be how it would always be. You never thought you would see him as anything more than your best friend. Only for some reason, one day, you started noticing the little things.

You noticed how his giggle would make your heart lift.

You noticed how his eyes would shine when he talked about music.

You noticed how soft his hair would feel under your fingertips.

You noticed how gentle his hands would feel against your skin.

You noticed how good he would always smell when you would hug.

You noticed how absolutely in love with him you are.

It was sudden and all at once. You'd never felt yourself fall for anyone that fast. And when you fell, you knew there was no going back. You couldn't see him as just your best friend anymore. You would find yourself looking at his lips or imagining his hands on your bare skin.

It certainly didn't help that the two of you only grew closer with time. You wouldn't be doing something like this a year ago. Now, you lie in a heap on your bed, your bodies so close that you're almost one. You sleep together—not like that—and spend more than 24 hours together.

You're snapped from your thoughts when he returns to the room with two bottles of orange juice.

"I knew it," you say, and he just giggles.

"Shut up. I brought you some," he says, tossing the bottle over to you. You barely catch it in time, and you make a face at him. "Shut up."

"I said nothing."

"Your face was swearing at me," he replies, and you stifle a laugh.

"My face was thanking you," you tell him jokingly, and he sits down beside you.

"That's not how faces thank," he responds.

"How do they thank?" you counter, smiling slightly. You look at him and meet his eyes.

"Like this," he responds, and before you know what's happening, his lips are on yours. Your breath catches in your throat, but your body wants this. You move closer to him, dropping the bottle of orange juice and moving your hands to his face. You pull him closer as he deepens the kiss. His hands slip around your waist, and you shiver at his touch.

He tastes sweet and a bit minty. You absolutely love it. He pulls you into his lap, and you tangle your hands in his hair. You've wanted to do this for so long. Now that it's actually happening, you're overwhelmed with emotions. Your brain can only repeat: Awsten Awsten Awsten.

You feel him smile against your lips, and you pull apart. You're both breathing heavily, and he presses his forehead against yours. You've been close to him before, but you've never been close to him like this. You're surrounded by his sweet scent. You close your eyes; you can't stop smiling.

"That's how faces thank," Awsten says, making you giggle.

"I like that."

"Me, too."


Awsten was pretty calm in this one

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