Quiet | Otto

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You're in high school...

You've always had a tendency to like quiet, shy boys. When the new boy joined your class, you were drawn to him immediately.

You don't know if it was because of his tendency to wear beanies or how he rarely spoke, but no matter what the reason, you liked him. It certainly helped that he was extremely attractive. He was literal art.

You spent weeks just watching him from afar. You never spoke to him—you did occasionally nod to him in greeting. That was it.

Only one day, you see him sitting alone at lunch, and something compels you to go over to him.

"Hi," you say, and he looks up. He smiles slightly. In front of him is a sandwich with a bite taken from it.

"Hi," he says. You'd never really heard his voice much, so you're taken aback by how nice he sounds.

He readjusts his beanie, and you find yourself admiring how his curly hair peeks out from under the fabric.

"Can I sit with you?" you ask, and he nods.

"Go right ahead."

You sit down in front of him, putting down your lunch.

"I'm y/n, by the way," you tell him, and he smiles.

"Otto," he tells you.

"I don't think we've ever actually spoken," you say as you open your bottle of water.

"I don't really talk much," he admits, and you look down at your food. You're not really sure how to respond; you're the same way. You did want to be close to him, though.

"Me neither," you finally say, laughing slightly.

"But it's nice to have lunch with someone," he replies with a soft smile. He's so adorable. Your heart flutters when your eyes meet his.

So many people think blue eyes are gorgeous. Though you don't disagree, you've never seen eyes more beautiful than his brown eyes. They shine with such life and purity. You could look into them forever. 

Gradually, the two of you began eating lunch together everyday. Soon, you started talking more and hanging out other times, too. You would be together so much that most of the school assumed the two of you were a couple. Neither of you was about to complain, though.

That day he asked you out on a formal date, you could only say yes.

The following month, after seven dates, he asked you to become his girlfriend. You said yes.

After five years of being together, he got down on one knee in front of you. You told him: "absolutely fucking yes."


Otto is so adorable and pure I love him

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