I Accept Payments In Coffee | Geoff

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You're at your university orientation...

"Anyone have any questions?" the guy up at the front asks. You think his name was Mr. Jones, but you're not entirely sure. There're too many people to keep track of.

As expected, just a few people raise their hands to ask questions. You let out a breath and lean back in your seat. You have all the information you need. You're about to be dismissed, but before it's all over, you want to talk to that cute boy with the blue eyes. His brown hair is messy yet somehow stylish. He looks so incredibly soft. You can't even describe it properly. He just looks like someone who would care about people endlessly. He looks like someone with a heart of gold. And you're intrigued.

"Anything else?" Mr. Jones-or-whatever-his-name-was asks. There are a few more questions, and you take the time to look toward the boy again. He's sitting a few desks across from you, only one row in front. His hair falls over his forehead, and he brushes it back. He has a nose ring that glints in the light. It suits him so well. He's wearing this stormy blue shirt that really brings out the blue in his eyes. Around his neck is a triangular necklace. You want to look at it more closely, but you haven't been able to get a good look yet.

A few more minutes pass with people asking questions and various announcements being made. And then finally, you're dismissed. You stand up and immediately go toward the boy.

Only someone gets to him first.

"Geoff! I didn't expect to see you here," she says, her voice laced with fake-sweetness. She has long dark hair that hasn't been curled enough to look natural.

"I didn't hope to see you, either," he responds. Even though he's saying something slightly passive aggressive, his voice is still so sweet and soft.

"Oh don't be like that," she says, moving to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch me," he says, looking toward you. Your eyes lock, and it's like you share a moment of silent communication. "There you are!" he says, coming in your direction. "I was looking for you."

"I'd been looking for you, too," you say, somehow managing to play along. He moves beside you, and the girl scowls at you.

"Who's she?"

"This is my girlfriend," Geoff says, making your heart beat a little faster. Obviously, it's not real, but it's still nice.

"Y/n," you say, smiling to the girl and extending your hand to her. You know she's not going to shake it, and she doesn't disappoint.

"Your girlfriend?" she says incredulously.

"Yeah, so if you can leave me alone?" Geoff says, almost desperately.

"You're going to regret this," she snaps before turning around and storming out. You're not even sure if she even has anything to do with the university. She may have just come here to look for Geoff, which is borderline stalking. But of course, you're just guessing here.

The two of you watch as she leaves, and once she finally does, Geoff lets out a breath.

"Thank you. Thank you so much," he says, looking to you. You look into his eyes and smile.

"No problem.

"I owe you one."

"I accept payments in coffee," you respond, surprising even yourself with your smoothness.

"Perfect. Shall we head to Starbucks now?" he asks, and you grin.

"Sounds amazing."

And just like that, you head to Starbucks. You get to know each other better, and you promise to meet again. On the second date, you go out to lunch. On the third date, you go to a mall together. Days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months.

Sometimes you wonder what would have happened if that girl hadn't been there. Maybe you wouldn't have started dating. Maybe you would have just parted ways then and there and simply been familiar faces at your university.

But in the end, the only thing that really matters is what did happen, and you're pretty fucking happy with that.


I'm going to my university orientation tomorrow!!

I'm so excited ahhh

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