My Everything | Awsten

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You're backstage watching your boyfriend and his band perform...

You can see him crying slightly. He always gets emotional like this, and you hate to see him hurting.

"This next song is called "21 Questions"," he says quickly, trying to brush it off.

It's so hard to watch this. It's so fucking hard. You want to go out there and just hug him. You want to tell him it's okay.

You hate her for doing this to him. You couldn't ever imagine letting someone like him go. You don't just toss aside a diamond.

He starts playing, and his voice quivers slightly. The crowd sings for him, and for a moment, he steps back into the darkness before coming back into the light.

You bite your lip as you watch, trying not to let yourself cry. He gets through the song, and he looks toward you. Your eyes meet, and he smiles slightly.

"Come here," he says, and you step out onto the stage. The crowd goes wild—that's the thing about being his girlfriend after her. You're instantly better just because you haven't hurt him.

"I love you," you say when you reach him. Throwing your arms around him, you pull him into a hug, careful about the guitar slung over his shoulder.

"I love you more," he responds, kissing your cheek lightly.

You pull apart after a moment, and you look out toward the crowd.

"You know what?" Awsten asks. "I love her," he says loudly into the microphone. "I'm in love with her. And fuck my ex. Not literally. I only fuck you," he says, patting your shoulder.


The crowd screams, and you feel your face flush.

You let out a breath. Whenever you'd listen to their songs, you had this one thought.

"Can I say something?" you ask, and Awsten hands you the microphone.

"I want all of you to record this. I want this to remain forever on the Internet. I'll probably regret it when I'm forty and our kids see it, but fuck that," you say, making a few people laugh.

"How many kids are we having?" Awsten asks, and you groan.

"Let me make my speech," you tell him, and he makes a face at you. You shake your head and let out a breath. "I love Awsten. He's a fucking annoying ass, but I love him. He's a beautiful person inside and out, and he makes me laugh." You meet his eyes. "I want you to know that I feel it, too. I'm never going to get tired of your time because you're perfect. I always miss you when you're away. And I'm your four-leaf clover. If you'll let me be. And you," you take his hand in yours. He's smiling slightly, his eyes glimmering with unshed tears. "You are my everything."

You let out a breath and think about how much better this would have been if you'd written a letter to him, but there's no going back now.

"I just want to say, fuck her—not literally. I'll be all those things...those things you sing about...if you'll let me."

"You already are," Awsten says, making you smile.

In this moment, you're the only two people in the world. Everything else is forgotten as you lean in at the same moment. Your lips meet, and you breathe him in. You're so overcome with emotions that you can't think straight.

"I love you so much," you murmur against this lips.

He smiles, making your heart flutter. "I love you more."


I am so in love with him someone help me

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