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You're in class...

That boy with the silver-ish hair is back. He was with you at orientation; now he's sitting down beside you in class. He sits, giving you a slight smile as he does.

A necklace of several clear and blue feet is hanging from his neck. He's wearing a Victoria Justice shirt, and you raise an eyebrow inquiringly at him.

"She's my wife," he explains, gesturing to her face and making you laugh. "I'm Awsten. With a 'w'. That 'w' is important," he tells you, and you chuckle.

You extend your hand to him, and he shakes it. "I'm y/n." You notice his strong grip. He has nice hands.

"Nice to meet you," he says.

"Likewise, Awsten with a 'w'. What's your major?"

"I don't know. I'm winging it."

You stifle a laugh. "That's a mood."

"I'm winging life, to be honest. I'm surprised I've made it this far without getting run over or something."

"Oh me, too. I literally almost got run over this morning," you tell him, making him giggle. He has the cutest laugh. His eyes meet yours, and it takes you a moment to process their color. "This is random, but what color are your eyes?"

"One's kinda greenish brown or hazel or whatever." He points to that eye. Pointing to the other, he says, "The other's blue." His eyes are stunning. You've never seen eyes so beautiful.

"They're so pretty," you say, making his cheeks flush slightly.

"Thanks," he replies. "Kids used to call me a demon because of them."

"That...that's wild."

"I know. It's actually so funny now that I think of it," he replies, a smile playing on his lips. He pulls in his seat, and you can smell this musky yet sweet scent on him. You love it.

"You look more like an angel if anything," you say without really thinking, and he looks to you.

"That's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me," he says, his smile growing wider.

You blush. "Just speaking my mind."

As you finish your sentence, the teacher walks into the room. You smile at Awsten, who returns it. Class begins promptly, and the two of you don't exchange any more words.

You sometimes glance to him, and your eyes meet. You smile at each other before looking back to your notes. It's like a silent communication; you're here for it.

The desk is a bit wobbly, which proves to be an issue when you shift your weight. You keep knocking it one way; Awsten knocks it the other way.

"Sorry," you say when you knock it particularly hard.

"No problem," he replies, smiling slightly.

After a while, he accidentally kicks the desk, making a large banging noise.

He giggles, looking slightly embarrassed. "Sorry."

"It's okay," you respond. You share a look and smile slightly.

You're both too tall for this tiny desk. You keep kicking the front of it.

Class continues, and after a while, Awsten kicks the desk again, and he just laughs to himself, shaking his head slightly. Something about the way he laughs makes your heart skip a beat. It's like you fell in love in that one moment. Well, not that much, but something like that, anyway.

You chew your lip and look back to your notes.

After class, as you're packing up your things, Awsten taps on your shoulder.

"Do you want to go out later?"

Your face flushes. "Yeah. Definitely." Your lips turn up into smile. "When do you finish?" you reply, your heart starting to beat faster.

"I have one more class after this," he says.

"Me, too."

"I'll be in the lounge by two," you tell him.

"I'll finish at ten after."

You smile. "I'll be waiting, then."

"Awesome." He smiles shyly. He's so fucking adorable.

"See you."

"See you."


You think first dates really set the tone of a relationship or lack thereof. And the tone is incredible. You absolutely click with him, and before long, you're officially dating. And you couldn't be happier.


there's this person in my class and I'm lowkey obsessed help

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