Photoshoot | Awsten

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You're waiting for your boyfriend to finish with his photoshoot...

He looks so good. His purple hair is slightly messy, and the sleeves of his blue jersey are pulled down over his hands.

You just want to go over and hug him. After a while, the boys finish their shoot, and Awsten comes running over to you.

"I finished!" he yells, tackling you in a hug.

"She's your girlfriend, not a punching bag," Geoff comments, making you laugh.

Awsten's arms are tight around you, and he nearly picks you up.

"Aws, I can't breathe," you say, wheezing a bit.

He finally releases you, giggling as he runs a hand through his hair.

"Fuck, you're so cute," you say, putting your hands on his face and pressing your lips to his. He giggles against your lips as he wraps his arms around you once more.

He's been working out more, so he's stronger than he used to be—he probably doesn't even realize how much he's squeezing you.

"You're going to squeeze the life out of me," you mumble against his lips, and he loosenes his death clutch on you.

"I just love you too much," he says, smiling against you.

"I love you more," you say, running your hands through his hair and messing it up more.

"Jawn, get a picture of this." You hear Geoff's voice.

Part of you considers pulling away, but you know this would make a good picture, so you don't.

You smile against Awsten's lips; he tastes sweet. He always tastes sweet. You love how you can just melt into him. You would live within moments like this if you could.

You can hear Jawn taking photos of the two of you, and you pull away slightly. You turn your head, and Awsten kisses your neck. You smile slightly and bring your lips closer to his ear.

"You trying to drink my blood?" you say, making him giggle against you.

"I'll do that when there're no witnesses," he replies as he pulls away.

"I think we got some good pictures," Jawn comments, and Otto comes over to you.

"Let's make it a group picture." He throws his arms around the two of you, and Geoff comes over, too.

The four of you are left just tangled together. You're not sure whose hand is holding yours. You know that the face pressed against yours is Awsten's, but other than that, you're not really sure what's going on.

All of you are laughing, and Jawn takes photo after photo.

It's like a whole other photoshoot. Though you feel like everyone is enjoying this more.

"Awsten, stop!" you shriek as he tries to lift you up.

"Geoffus, help me," Awsten says as you try to get away from him.

"Otto! Get these bozos out of the band," you yell as Otto runs away.

"Sorry! I can't hear you!" he replies, but you're all laughing too hard to achieve much of anything.

"You're going to drop me on my face," you say as Awsten lifts you up.

"I'll still love you," he replies.

"Geoff, you can't touch her ass," he tells him, making you snort.

"I wasn't going to," Geoff responds, giggling slightly. He puts his hands on your hips as he helps lift you up onto Awsten's shoulders. You can see your life flash before your eyes. You can't imagine Awsten can support you.

"I'm going to fucking die," you say as Geoff lets go.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Awsten says wryly, leaning his head back against your stomach.

"I swear, you're going to drop me, and you're going to break your arm," you tell him, and he just laughs.

"I'm a strong boy. Shut up," he says, leaning against the wall.

"You're literally about to drop me, aren't you?" you ask, and he huffs in response.

"No," he lies.

Jawn takes a few photos, and Awsten practically throws you down.

"I didn't drop you," he says as you give him a look from the floor.

"Mmm," you respond, and he just sits down beside you.

"I especially didn't break your face. You should appreciate that," he says, and you stifle a laugh.

"Why are you like this?" you ask, and he makes a face at you.

"Like what? Wonderful, raspberry, insulated, watermelon—"


"That's the thing you wanted to point out?" he counters, making you burst into laughter.

"God, you're adorable," you say, and he sticks his tongue out at you.

"God is Geoffus," he replies. Geoff looks to the two of you and shakes his head.

You roll your eyes playfully. "Of course he is."

The photos turned out perfectly. They perfectly capture how you felt in the moment, and you couldn't be happier.


Awsten always acts unpredictably in these, and I love it

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