How You Feel | Geoff

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You're Awsten's sister, and you're at one of Waterparks' shows...

It's a bit weird to see your brother sing songs about love—it's like you've gotten a look into his personal life. At the same time, you love watching them play. You're on the sidelines, mostly watching Geoff play his guitar. You don't really know what it is about him, but you're just drawn to him.

Awsten is literally your brother, and Otto is like a brother to you. But Geoff...with him, it's a little different.

You're not really paying attention as they finish their last song; you're just watching how Geoff's hair falls over his blue eyes. He looks so happy when he's on stage. This huge grin forms on his face, and you just love seeing him so happy.

Before you know it, they've finished, and Awsten is coming toward you.

"You just about burned a hole through Geoff," Awsten tells you as he passes by. You feel your cheeks flush a deep red, but luckily, Geoff wasn't close enough to hear Awsten's comment.

"Shut up," you tell him, trying to whack his arm. He giggles as he runs away. He can be infuriating sometimes.

"You done?" Geoff asks, appearing beside you suddenly. You nearly jump in surprise.

"Done what?" you ask blankly.

"Attacking your brother," he replies, a small smile on his face. In this light, his blue eyes look darker, and his cheeks are slightly pink from performing.

He looks really fucking good.

"Coming through," Otto says quietly, passing between you and Geoff. He goes by without another word and heads back into the dressing room where Awsten is.

"You did great," you tell Geoff. "As always," you add.

"Thanks. I could feel you watching me," he says, making you almost choke on air.

"I wasn't watching you," you say quickly.

"You weren't?" He raises an eyebrow. You want to disappear but also like where the conversation is going. You can still vaguely hear the crowd in the venue, but it's in the background compared to this conversation.

You open your mouth to respond when Awsten suddenly shouts from behind you: "Yeah! She was staring at your ass!"

"Awsten!" you shriek, looking at him in horror. You feel as though your cheeks are going to burn off. You feel lightheaded; you want to sink into the floor and disappear.

Geoff laughs, and you flip off Awsten, who just giggles and goes back into the dressing room.

"I have no idea what to say now," you admit, not able to look Geoff in the eyes. It doesn't help that you have to look up at him.

"I want you to tell me how you feel," he responds, and you finally look toward him. His cheeks are flushed a deeper red than before, and he smiles sheepishly. You love that smile of his.

"How I feel about what?" you reply, trying to avoid the question.

"You know what I mean," he responds, and you let out a breath before looking into his eyes.

He clears his throat and puts his guitar aside. He tries to lean it against the wall, but it starts to slide to the floor. He jerks forward to catch it, making you stifle a laugh. It's so like him to do that.

"Pretend I put down my guitar smoothly and didn't just make an ass out of myself," he says, laying his guitar flat on the floor before straightening.

He smiles, making your heart flutter. He's honestly so beautiful; you can't believe he's real.

"Just make out already!" You hear your brother's voice.

"Shut up Awsten!" you yell at him, taking off your shoe and throwing it at him. He ducks and laughs, pointing a finger at you.

"Ha ha you missed," he says before returning to the dressing room.

"I think he just made it pretty obvious," you say as you turn back toward Geoff. Only he's standing closer than you'd expected, and you squeak in surprise. You almost fall back, but his arms wrap around you.

Your breath hitches as your heart beats faster. You're scared he can hear it.

You look up at him and meet his blue eyes. He smiles slightly.

He's a bit sweaty from the performance, but he still smells good. You don't know how it's possible, but apparently it is.

His messy hair falls over his eye, and you reach up to brush it back. Once you do, you let your hand rest on his cheek. His skin is warm against your cool hand, and he closes his eyes.

This is the first time you've been this close; it's thrilling. You're acutely aware of his hands on the small of your back. His eyes open, and you meet their gorgeous blue.

"I think it goes without saying that I really want to kiss you right now," he says, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Then do it," you respond, and you lean in at the same moment. Your eyes close, and you feel your lips meet his. You've been waiting for this moment forever, but it's even better than you could have ever imagined.

His lips are warm against yours, and you feel breathless and giddy. He tastes sweet like candy. You wrap your arms around his neck, tangling your hands in his soft hair. You've always wanted to run your hands through his hair. You'd imagined how it would feel under your fingertips. It's softer than you'd thought it would be.

You feel him smile against you, and he parts his lips slowly, deepening the kiss. You lean into him more, and his arms wrap around you tighter.

"Fucking finally!" Awsten yells behind you, but you remain unbothered.

You finally pull away for air, but you want to remain close to him. You leave your arms around him and rest your cheek on his shoulder. You've waited forever for this moment. Your lips are still tingling from the kiss. You feel as though you're in a dream.

Geoff kisses your shoulder softly, and you hear him let out a small sigh.

"Okay." You hear Awsten again. "Now I need to talk to you—"

"Oh shut up, Awsten," you say, but he ignores you.

"If you hurt her, you're out of the band," he tells Geoff.

"I think we all knew that," Geoff replies, and you smile slightly. "But I wouldn't hurt her, anyway," he says, and you pull away enough to look at him.

"I swear if you start taking off your clothes now, I'm calling security," Awsten says, and you groan.

"Can you just leave?"

"You know I'd never."

"Unfortunately," you mutter, making Geoff laugh. You love the way he looks so soft when he smiles. It's like all your worries melt away.

"It's fine," he responds before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours once more.

"Fine, just ignore me," Awsten says behind you, making you smile slightly.

But you don't care. You have all you really need right here in your arms.


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