New Obsession | Awsten

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This is kinda sorta based on a dream I had whoops

You're with your three best friends...

For years, the four of you have been inseparable. It first started with you and Geoff. You grew up together, and you were the absolute best of friends. Eventually, when the two of you entered middle school, this blonde and brown haired "emo" kid approached you. He was one of the funniest and strangest people you'd ever met.

With that, the pair became a trio. Awsten eventually dyed his hair completely blonde, but he still yelled at you that he was "emo as fuck". The three of you were as close as family and bickered like siblings. But at the end of the day, you really loved one another.

Once in high school, you walked into Otto. You literally walked into him; you nearly pushed him to the ground—accidentally, of course. He let out a sheepish laugh as he apologized, and you immediately took a liking to him. He was sweet and utterly adorable. You apologized to him for nearly shoving him to the ground, and he laughed. You then promptly invited him to eat with Geoff, Awsten, and you. He agreed.

And you're here today.

Awsten and Otto are downstairs playing a game, and you and Geoff are in the kitchen, grabbing some food.

"So have you told Awsten you like him yet?" Geoff questions as he looks in the cupboards.

"Geoff, please," you groan for what feels like the thousandth time. He's constantly pestering you about your "crush" on Awsten. It's not that serious. Yeah, your heart beats faster when you're around him. Yeah, you always blush when your hand brushes his. Yeah, you think about him all the time. But it's not serious.

You've always liked him a little bit, but your feelings only increased when he dyed his hair purple and suddenly transformed into A goofy, pun-making, fucking ridiculous man, but a man all the same. But it's not serious. 

You noticed the change in Otto and Geoff, too, of course. Only they don't make your heart race like Awsten can. They don't make butterflies erupt in your stomach when they laugh. Awsten does. But it's not—

Okay, so maybe it's a bit serious. Nothing to get worked up about.

Geoff snaps you out of your thoughts. "I mean, you've liked him for literally months. He's single—you should go for it," Geoff says, grabbing a pack of Oreos and setting it on the counter.

"Look, even if I like Awsten—" That's when you hear footsteps, and Awsten is standing there in the doorway. Your mouth falls open, and by the expression on his face, you know he heard you.

There's a tension in the air that you've never felt before, and if feels like you're suffocating. Nobody speaks; the silence is deafening. 

"I have to go," you finally choke out, pushing past Awsten and going upstairs into your room. If it weren't your own house, you would have left. Your cheeks burn; you want the floor to swallow you whole. You slam the door behind you, your chest heaving.

You don't know how to process what just happened. You didn't want him to find out like this. You wanted to tell him face-to-face—not have him overhear you talking about him to Geoff.

You finally fall onto your bed, burying your face in the pillows. You're mortified and terrified. You wish you could rewind time; this is not what you had in mind for today.

You can hear voices downstairs, and you close your eyes tightly. You don't know how to deal with this situation. You're absolutely beyond embarrassed.

After a moment, you hear a knock on your door.

"I'm sorry—I can't right now," you say.

After a moment: "It's Awsten."

"I'm sorry," you repeat, your heart starting to beat faster.

"Please, I just want to talk," he says, and when you don't respond, he adds: "I'm coming in."

The door opens; you don't lift your head from your pillows. You hear Awsten come into the room, closing the door behind him. You feel the bed dip with his weight as he sits down.

"Hey," he says, and you make a small noise. "I know you're probably embarrassed right now, but can you please look at me?"

You let out a breath and lift your face, looking to him. He smiles slightly, his cheeks tinted pink.

"Hey," he says, and you smile a bit. Your heart is beating rapidly in your chest. "Given your reaction, I'm guessing I heard you right."

"Yeah," you finally say.

"Well, this makes it a bit easier for me to say that I like you, too," he says simply, and you blink.

"You like me?" you ask slowly, and he grins.

His cheeks are pink, making his bright eyes stand out even more.

"I do," he replies, moving a bit closer. You sit up, running a hand through your now slightly messy hair. You bite your lip as he moves even closer.

You can smell his musky yet sweet scent; it's intoxicating. You find yourself breathing in deeply without even thinking about it.

He smiles slightly as he says softly, "Would you like to go out sometime?"

Your heart is beating quickly in your chest. "I would love to," you whisper, butterflies in your stomach. You feel almost dizzy with giddiness.

He moves even closer. Your faces are mere inches apart. You can see the hazel-ish green and blue of his eyes. He's so incredibly beautiful.

He leans in, closing the gap between the two of you. Your lips meet, and you feel yourself smile against him. Your hand moves to his neck, pulling him closer. He puts his hand on your face, caressing your skin and making you shiver. Your heart is pounding so loudly that you're afraid he can hear it.

His lips are hot and soft against yours. He tastes of orange juice—unsurprisingly. He's always drinking that stuff. Thinking of him drinking orange juice makes you nearly laugh, and you feel him smile.

"What's so funny?" he asks, pulling away slightly.

"I just thought of you and your obsession with orange juice," you reply truthfully, and he giggles.

"Well, maybe you can be my new obsession."

You would, in all honesty, love that.


I have no idea how I wrote this but I actually don't hate it

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