On Stage | Awsten

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You're watching your boyfriend, Awsten, and his band perform...

"You know what I want to do now?" Awsten asks, a huge grin on his face. The crowd roars, and he giggles. "I want to bring my girlfriend up here," he says, pointing to you.

"Awsten—" you start, but he hops off stage and grabs you from where you are in the front.

The fans around you start screaming, and Awsten pulls you up over the barrier as security tries to keep the two of you from dying.

"You're being very rash here, Mr. Knight," you tell him as he climbs back onto the stage by sitting on the edge before standing up.

"Shut up, Mrs. Knight," he replies, extending his hand to you. You groan and grab his hand, letting him yank you onto the stage.

Once you're on the stage, he kisses you, taking you by surprise. He smiles against you, and you giggle.

"Okay, I want you," he starts before walking off toward the side of the stage.

"You want her, do you?" Geoff comments, making the crowd laugh slightly.

"Well, we all knew that," Awsten replies as he holds a guitar in one hand. "Here," he says, slinging it over your body.

"Awsten, you know I don't know how to play," you start, but that's when he grabs the mic and goes off to the side of the stage. "Awsten!" you yell.

"Alright! With my very talented girlfriend on the guitar, I think it's time for Felony Steve to make an appearance!" Awsten yells, and you groan.

"Don't mock me," you yell at him. You don't even have a mic.

"Felony Steve doesn't mock people," he responds, a huge grin on his face. You resist the urge to groan again. "Give me a beat, Otto Wood," Awsten says, prancing around the stage.

"Geoff, can you control him?" you ask, looking to him. Geoff just shrugs.

"I'm not going to make dolphin noises," Geoff says.

"Felony Steve doesn't need dolphin noises to shine," Awsten informs him, and you let out a breath.

Otto starts drumming, and you don't really know how these boys prepared for this. Awsten just does whatever, obviously, but it's amazing that they can go along with it. Geoff starts strumming softly, and that's when Awsten starts.

"Bitch, does it look like I wanna eat carrots with you?" he yells, making the crowd roar.

You mutter a soft "oh my god" before looking down at your guitar. It's such a mess that you couldn't screw it up any more than Awsten is by doing his weird ass dancing.

"Yo it's Felony! Don't you motherfucking touch me!" he yells, putting on his Felony Steve voice.

You just start randomly strumming in time to the beat, and Aws—excuse you—Felony Steve continues his rapping.

He pauses for a moment and looks to you, and you raise an eyebrow.

"Get your ass back over here," you say, and he giggles before saying: "Uhhhh. My dick smells like chicken nuggets."

You stifle a laugh as he comes over to you, still rapping King Salami's part.

"I still can't play the guitar," you tell him.

"Then maybe you should learn how," he says, timing it to Otto's drumming.

"Teach me," you respond.

"Felony Steve is afraid of women," he responds, making you almost burst into laughter.

He keeps rapping, making strange signs with his hands that could potentially be offensive in some countries, though you're not entirely sure.

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