Need To Talk | Awsten

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You're at a Waterparks concert, and you're about to head home...

It was incredible. You want to repeat the night over and over again. You met Awsten's eyes so many times. He even pointed to you at one point.

It was easily the best night of your life, and you wish you could go back to the beginning again.

You're walking out of the venue with the other people. Most people have already left, but you stayed for a while just absorbing the atmosphere and mood of the place. You smile as you look up at the dark sky; the stars are gorgeous tonight.

That's when you hear someone's voice: "Hey!"

You look behind you to see Jawn. You're in shock. He's looking right at you. You gesture to yourself, and he nods.

"Come here," he says, trying not to draw attention.

"Me?" you ask, and he nods again. You walk toward him, and he ushers you inside through a door that says "no entry".

"Awsten demanded I hunt you down."

"What." Your question comes out like a deadpan statement, and you laugh slightly. "You're Jawn, first of all."

"That's me. I'm the one that Awsten likes to harass."

You laugh at that, and he chuckles.

"Okay, but seriously, Awsten was asking for you."

"Me? Are you sure?"

"He pointed to you, didn't he?" Jawn questions, gesturing for you to follow him. You walk down a hallway with him.

"Yeah, he did," you respond, still a little shocked that Jawn is here in front of you. That's when a certain purple-haired person comes bursting out of a room from the side.

"There you are!" Awsten yells loudly.

"I brought you the girl," Jawn says, making Awsten laugh.

"Hi! I wanted to talk to you!" Awsten says. You're in shock. He's even more beautiful in person. And louder, too.

He comes running toward you, and he throws his arms around you before you can even comprehend what's happening. He smells sweet yet musky, and you absolutely love it.

You wrap your arms around him, and you can feel his breath by your ear.

"Not to be creepy but I saw you in the crowd and needed to talk to you," he whispers.

You bite your lip.

"That's quite creepy," Jawn comments.

"Shut up, Jawn. Nobody asked for your opinion," Awsten responds, making you laugh slightly. "Anyway," he continues, pulling away just enough to look at your face. He leaves his arms around you. "Fuck you're gorgeous," he says absently. "Anyway," he says again. "I'm your secret boyfriend now so don't tell anyone."

"Awsten what the fuck," you hear Jawn say.

"I'm kidding!" Awsten says, but you're just grinning like an idiot.

"This is insane. You inspire me so much, and you've really changed my life. I can't believe this is happening right now."

"I can't believe this is happening," he replies. "I literally needed to talk with you—though I don't even know your name."

"Y/n," you tell him.

You can't stop smiling, and he giggles. "That's tight." You stifle a laugh.

"I love you so much," you say, not really able to process what's happening right now.

"I love you, too," he replies, making your heart flutter. "Please be my wife."


"I would very much like that," you admit, and Jawn lets out an audible breath.

"This isn't a Wattpad fanfiction, Awsten," he points out.

"But she's so pretty."


"I'm kidding, obviously," Awsten says, finally pulling away from you. "You are pretty, though."

You don't really know what to say. Half of you is certain that this is all just another one of your very vivid dreams.

"Let me give you my number at least," he says, and you pull out your phone before handing it to him. "I love your taste in lock screens," he comments when he sees that it's a picture of himself. "Okay okay," he says before you can respond. "I'm going to be really clever here so look out."

"I'm looking out," you respond, and he giggles.

"Your socks are going to be knocked fully off with this," he warns, making you laugh.

"Alright. I'm ready."

"Jawn, you need to tape this monumental moment," Awsten tells him. He groans, but he goes to get his camera. Although he might just be leaving to get away from Awsten.

"Alright," Awsten says as he types something on your phone. "Here you go," he says, and you look to the screen.

You nearly snort when you see that he'd made his name: "that guy from all your favorite boy bands".

"That's you," you say, and he giggles once more.

Jawn returns with his camera.

"You're finally back!" Awsten says, facing the camera and putting an arm around you. "Let me introduce you to my wife."

Though that was a joke, you never really thought that five years later, that joke would become a reality.


this is loosely based on a dream I had the other day 

Imagine if something like this happened though like that would be cool

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