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This is actually something I'd written before, but I fixed it up and really liked it. It's quite different from the original. (It's in third person!)

Life is grey and cold, the only remedy one's soulmate. Only your soulmate can bring color into your life.

She always considered that a myth: just a fairytale that people told their kids. Everything was grey, and that was simply how things were. She never expected or hoped for anything more, and she was content—at least that's what she told herself.

Even now, the thought of that "myth" is nothing but a minuscule speck in the back of her mind. It's there, but she pays no attention to it.

She's walking down the grey street, heading home as she thinks about what she's going to cook for dinner. That's when she hears a voice call out to her from behind.


She turns toward the voice, and for the first time in her entire life, she sees color. Everything feels like it's in slow motion. She doesn't understand. Everything around him is the same, but he's bright. He's glowing. She can see the green of his shirt, the black of his jeans and shoes, the blue of his eyes, and the brown of his hair. She stares and stares, completely in awe of what she's seeing in front of her. He's not grey. He's in color, and she can't understand why.

"Hi," she finally says after what feels like an eternity. Her voice is soft, almost as if she's scared that if she speaks too loudly, everything will go right back to grey.

"You're in color," he says, his blue eyes never looking away from her even as he steps forward. She remains motionless as he moves closer until he's standing right in front of her. He stares at her with an intensity that she's never felt before. She would feel uncomfortable if she weren't staring at him in a similar fashion. They're both fascinated by the colors in front of them.

"You, too," she responds, looking into his blue eyes. They're so beautiful; she'd never seen anything more gorgeous than the soft blue in his eyes.

"Really?" he asks, reaching forward before stopping. "Can I...?" He lets the question float in the air, and she just nods, extending her hand to him.

The "myth" comes to mind, and she feels more and more that it really isn't a myth—it seems very much real in this moment.

He takes her hand, and it feels as though a spark runs through the both of them. They both let out a gasp of shock when they see the world around them. Everything is in color. The grey is gone, the veil of ash lifted.

"Are you seeing this?" she asks, looking back to him. Somehow, he's even brighter now. She smiles slightly as his lips turn up into a grin.

"I am." He gazes at her for another moment before looking around at the world once more. Everything is bright—almost too bright. Being in the dark for so long makes anything even slightly bright that much stronger. The houses are yellow, beige, blue, green, and brown. The trees are a bright green; the flowers are a rainbow of colors.

"I can't believe this," she whispers, almost to herself.

He looks to her once more, and their eyes meet. "This means you're my soulmate," he says after moment. He studies her face, as if trying to read her thoughts.

"I thought it was all a myth," she says softly, looking into his blue eyes.

"Me, too," he replies before taking her other hand in his. Her heart beats faster, but it's not because of all the color.

"You're my soulmate," she says, mostly in an attempt to process exactly what's happening.

"And you're mine," he responds, smiling in a way that makes her acutely aware of his warm hands holding hers.

Her heart beats rapidly in her chest, and she feels lighter than before. "I can't believe this," she admits, looking away and staring at the blue car that rushes by. For a moment, she wonders if the owner even knows that his grey car is technically blue.

"I can't either," he replies, snapping her from her thoughts.

"What happens if we let go?" she asks, looking to him again.

He smiles, one corner of his lips turning up ever so slightly. "Do you actually want to let go?" he asks, making her cheeks flush. She looks down at her feet, her embarrassment suddenly making the pavement very fascinating. "I'm kidding," he says, laughing slightly. He can feel his own cheeks warm; he never thought he would get to see a girl blush—let alone such a beautiful girl.

The rosy pink of her cheeks is mesmerizing, and he finds himself staring at her—yet again.

"I actually don't want to let go," she admits after a moment, looking up at him again. "But just for a second."

She drops his hands, but nothing changes. The world remains in color; it's incredible.

"Everything's still in color, right?" she asks him, and he nods.

"Beautiful," he says absently, looking around before letting his eyes fall on her. He smiles, and she does, too.

They both know their lives will be completely different from now on, and they couldn't be happier.


I actually really like this, and I think Geoff fits perfectly into this kind of pure role.

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