Swimsuit | Awsten

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You're trying to find a swimsuit to wear to the beach...

"Hurry up and get your ass down here!" You hear your boyfriend Awsten screaming downstairs.

"I can't find a good swimsuit!" you yell back, digging up what could very well be the tenth swimsuit. In the back of your closet, you have a myriad of bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and other various beach-going products. You've collected them over the years, but in this moment, you hate all of them.

"You can just go without anything and you'd look great," Awsten responds as he comes into the room. You don't know how he climbed the steps so swiftly and silently.

"I'd get arrested, so no thanks," you laugh slightly, pulling out another swimsuit from the back of your closet.

"That's hot. Imagine you in handcuffs," he muses, coming to sit down beside you.

"You want to try that?" you respond, lifting up one black one-piece swimsuit that you got two years ago.

"Maybe after we come back," he replies, looking at some of the swimsuits you'd pulled out. He lifts a bright red bikini top and raises an eyebrow at you. "This is hot."

"I don't know if I want to wear a bikini," you reply, looking through the other swimsuits you have.

"What about this one, then?" he asks, lifting a white one-piece with slits down the sides.

"That's like...scandalous. i don't think I've ever worn it."

"Well, it's a good a day as any. Take life by the balls, I'd say."

"God, I wish you'd stop saying that," you groan, stifling a laugh as you take the swimsuit from him. You look at it. It is beautiful; you're just not sure how you'd look in it.

"I won't say it again today if you try this on," he responds, and you raise an eyebrow at him.

"You're on."

You stand up, going into the bathroom before pulling off your clothes. You change into the swimsuit, looking at your reflection in the mirror as you do so. Strangely enough, you don't really hate this one.

"Are you naked?" Awsten yells as he throws open the door, nearly giving you a heart attack.

"Awsten!" you shriek, lurching back and almost crashing to the ground.

"Damn look at you!" he says too loudly, giggling slightly and coming over to you. "You look like a full course meal plus the mint at the end that the cashier gives you if you bug him enough. That mint is very important; it's the closing piece of the meal, and you're that mint, too—the one the cashier gives you. You might as well have the cashier included, too, not just the mint."

"That was a lengthy explanation, but thank you," you respond, stifling a laugh.

"I think this is the one," he says, coming closer and moving his hands to your hips. He slides his hands up your sides, feeling your skin and letting his fingertips brush the ribbed material.

You move your arms around his neck, pulling him closer as he leans in. His lips meet yours, and you smile against him. He slides his hands down behind you, grabbing your ass and squeezing. 

You smirk against his lips, and he giggles. "You look gorgeous," he mumbles, making your heart skip a beat. "This is perfect."

You pull away enough to look at his face; he smiles, his eyes staring into yours. You admire the color of his gorgeous eyes, and he smiles.

"You've grabbed life by the balls," he says and promptly runs out of the room before you can throw your shoe at him.

Although honestly, what did you expect? It's Awsten.


this was pretty lowkey but I still kinda like it

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