Missing Something | Awsten

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You're asleep when...

You lurch awake, the cloud of the dream still in your mind. You grab your phone, needing to note your thoughts. Quickly typing, you save your note. You let out a breath, relieved that you'd caught the important idea. You knew you'd regret it if you'd let it leave your mind.

You let out a small yawn before putting aside your phone and lying down again. That's when your phone makes a noise.

You look up and grab your phone once more. Your heart nearly stops when you see a text from your friend Awsten.

"What?" it says.

Confused, you open the message and look at the last message you sent.

"Oh fuck," you say softly. You'd thought you'd noted the idea, but you'd actually sent it...to Awsten.

You'd sent him: "Awsten is missing something."

You stifle a laugh at your own ridiculousness.

You clear your throat and start recording an audio message.

"Hey Aws. Sorry, I was half-asleep and thought I had an epiphany. I meant to note that, but I accidentally sent it to you." You send the audio message, and after a moment, he responds with his own audio message.

"Well, what am I missing, then?"

"You could have just typed that," you say, before sending him the message and starting another audio message. "I'm not sure what you're missing, but I had a weird dream about you, Otto, and Geoff. They were...complete, and you weren't. I don't really know what it means, though."

You can see him typing as you send off your second message.

After a moment, another audio arrives from him.

"I think we both know what I'm missing."

You forgo the audio and just type your message: "What?"

You wait and wait, but you don't get a response. You stare at your phone screen, trying to figure out what the fuck just happened.

You realize you'd fallen asleep when your alarm goes off. You awaken with a jerk, and you almost drop your phone still in your hand.

You look to the screen, and you see a message from Awsten.

It simply reads: "you".

You look at the time that it was sent—3 am. This came two hours after your exchange. Was he thinking about it for that time? Did he wake up to an epiphany? You're confused, and you need answers.

You look at the current time: 6:30. You just say fuck it and call him.

It rings twice, and he answers.

"Did you find the cookies?" he asks, and you try to respond. No words form.

"What?" you finally ask.

"Sorry. I was still half asleep. What is it?"

"About last night," you start, and he suddenly cuts in.

"We didn't fuck, did we?"

"Awsten," you groan. "I sent you the random ass text, remember?"

"I don't recall an ass text."

"You know what I mean."

"That I was missing something?" he asks, and you nod before realizing he can't see you.

"Mhmm," you reply.

"Yeah," he says. "I'm missing you. I think you know that, too."

You bite your lip. You do and you don't. You know you love him—certainly as more than a friend.

You let out a breath and finally reply, "Yeah."

He giggles slightly. "You know it's 6:30, right?"

"Yeah. Sorry."

"It's fine," he says. "Do you want to hang out later and make out?"


"I asked if you wanted to hang out later," he says.

"The last part."

"The band called Makeout," he says, and you let out a breath.

"Just come over," you tell him.

"Can we make out?"

You try not to smile, but you can't stop yourself. "Yeah."


I like this hehe

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