Twister | Geoff

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You're watching from the sidelines as the boys play Twister and answer questions...

"Nice!" Awsten says for what feels like the tenth time. You stifle a laugh as you continue watching them.

Geoff looks so cute. You just want to hug him. He keeps laughing as he and Otto get closer and closer. Awsten is off to the side, not really tangled with the two boys.

Your eyes meet Geoff's, and you make a face at him, making him giggle.

As Awsten thinks about the next question, he straightens, and it takes a moment for him to realize that he just lost.

You stifle a laugh and listen to him answer the question.

"I can blow bubbles," Geoff says, his face almost against Otto's shoulder. You laugh slightly, as do the boys. You think this might be your favorite interview of theirs.

They're all funny as fuck, and they're clearly having fun—which is always amazing to see.

You keep watching them, and you try not to laugh—though it's hard.

After a while, they finally finish, and they stretch, finally looking relaxed.

"You can go in if you want," one of the ATL people tells you, and you raise an eyebrow.


"Yeah. It's fine," he says, and you step into the shot. Geoff sees you and grins. He stands up and opens his arms. You slip your arms around his neck, and you feel his hands on your hips.

"You looked so cute the whole time," you say, smiling as you look into his blue eyes.

He smiles, making your heart melt. He's so adorable. You feel a warmth in your chest: a cloud of pink and blue.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Awsten yells beside you, making you nearly laugh and head-butt Geoff.

"Yeah! Give us some action!" Otto yells, too.

Geoff bursts into laughter, but he leans in and kisses you anyway. You giggle against each other, and you feel your stomach do a flip.

You've been together for so long, but you always get giddy when you kiss him.

"I love you," he says softly, making Awsten giggle from beside you.

"I love you, too!" Awsten says, making you laugh slightly.

"I love you," you tell Geoff, and as you pull away, Awsten throws his arms around the both of you. You're taken by surprise, and you nearly jerk away.

"Awsten," Geoff groans.

"Shut the fuck up, Geoff," Awsten says jokingly, making you roll your eyes. "Don't give me that," he says, giggling the whole time.

"Get off me," Geoff complains, but that's when Otto joins the hug.

"I hate all of you," you joke, but you're all laughing.

With that, the director yells, "Cut!"

The boys pull away from you, but Geoff leaves an arm around you.

"We should play a bonus round with you," Geoff says.

"That would be tight," Awsten says, and the director shrugs.

"Hell, why not?"


part two obviously 

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