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I watched this Japanese movie (好きっていいなよ。 - Say "I love you") the other night, and this is basically one of the scenes but kinda adapted

You're coming home from work...

He's here again. You feel anxious. He comes to your work all the time, and he just stares at you. You wouldn't say he's stalking you, but he's really pushing it today. You stop at the bookstore; he's outside. You don't know what to do.

You don't want to go back outside. You let out a breath and grab your phone.

You don't know who else to turn to. You call him.

He picks up on the third ring.


"Geoff. I need your help."

"What's wrong? You sound scared. Are you okay?" Concern is evident in his voice.

"There's this guy. He comes to my work a lot, but today he's been like...following me," you say, and he lets out a breath.

"Where are you?"

"The bookstore. Down on sixth avenue?" you say.

"I'll be there in five minutes. Stay inside."

"Thanks for this, Geoff," you say, and he lets out a small laugh.

"Of course."

He hangs up, and you lower your phone. You stare at the screen and let out a breath. You can't believe you just asked him to do this for you.

You and Geoff have been friends for years, but it's a more recent thing that you like him. As more than a friend, that is. You don't really know how to act around him anymore.

It's just you can't ask anyone else. Nobody lives as close as he does. Plus you don't even know that many people who would say yes to come rescue you.

You wait inside anxiously, and five minutes later, he arrives.

"Geoff," you say, throwing your arms around him. Honestly, you were really scared. You've never had anyone follow you like this before. While you don't really think he would do anything, you're definitely uncomfortable.

"You alright?" he asks by your ear, making you shiver slightly.

"I'm okay."

"Where's the guy?" He pulls away from you and looks out the window.

"This way," you say, leading him toward the children's section. The guy is still standing outside, looking this way.

"He looks harmless enough," Geoff comments. "But I'm glad you called me."

"Can you just walk me home. Please?"

"I'll do you one better. Come with me," he says, taking your hand and pulling you out of the bookstore. You let him lead you, and he stops in front of the store. The guy is near you.

Before you can even ask him what he's doing, he bends over until you're eye to eye. He looks into your eyes, making your heart beat faster.

"I love you," he says loudly, and then you're kissing.

His lips are warm against yours. Though you're taken by surprise, you melt into his touch. You pull him closer, wrapping your arms around his neck.

His arms are warm around your waist as he pulls you into him. You feel your heart beat faster and faster. You could kiss him all day. You've dreamed of this moment.

You finally pull apart for air. You look to where the guy had been standing. He's gone now.

"He gone?" Geoff asks, and you nod. You look into his blue eyes. They shine brightly in the light. There's something about blue eyes in the darkness. He looks absolutely angelic. You could stare into his eyes forever and be happy.

You smile as he presses his forehead against yours.

"Then we can do this again," he murmurs before kissing you once more.

Your breath catches in your throat. His lips fit against yours so perfectly that you wonder if you two were made for one another.

Suddenly all thoughts of that guy are just blown away. All is Geoff, and you're not complaining.


That movie was just so fucking good okay 

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