Chapter Thirteen

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Tristan had a big ass, black Chevy Tahoe that looked like it was in brand new condition on the inside and out. There wasn't a speck of dust on the car. The rims that she had on her car were black and it was obvious that they had cost a buck. Everything about her car was dark, it almost felt like I was sitting in a secret service vehicle. It was sleek, and it smelled magnificent. It had her scent.

The two car seats in the back matched the dark interior of the car and almost blended into the seats. Even the car seats for her kids seemed a tad bit expensive. She was obviously doing well for herself. Her gym was booming every time I went in, so I guess that made sense. Though she had nice things, she seemed humble. She never wore anything flashy other than a nice gold watch with a black interface and this one ring that I only just noticed while staring at her hands while she drove.

The top hits were playing on a decent volume as she nodded her head to a pop song with an R&B flair to it. Her hands gripped the wheel leisurely as her thumbs tapped against the steering wheel to the rhythm of the beat. The ring was on her left hand snugged perfectly on her ring finger. The ring was black, and it was encircled with black sapphires all through the middle of the ring. It had to cost a pretty penny.

Damn, she really had money, or someone was always giving her nice things. I couldn't see her buying such luxurious things for herself, though I'm not sure why.

She took care of herself, especially her body. Her skin was clear and smooth, and she didn't need an ounce of makeup. Though she dressed casually, she still had this style that made her look fashionable. She wore a t-shirt and shorts as if they were the next big thing on the runway. She knew she was gorgeous and could f-ck any woman with the slightest interest in other women, so why wouldn't she splurge on an expensive ring or watch.

"What you over there thinking 'bout," she asked me after a few minutes of riding in silence. I stopped studying her jewelry and looked out of the passenger window as we came to a stop light. I could feel Tristan's eyes burning into my skin, but I didn't dare look over. "Hey, sugar, why you actin' all shy?"

I blew my lips and quickly focused all my attention to her. With a little bit of attitude, I answered, "I'm not being shy." She chuckled and rubbed one of her eyebrows with the same finger that the flossy ring was on. I couldn't believe I was blessed enough to have f-cked her and would be f-cking her plenty more times. I guess Karma finally stopped being a b-tch and joined the winning team.

"You ain't said nothing and we been driving for 'bout five minutes now," she addressed with an impish grin. "You act like I'm your Uber driver or somethin'. Driving Ms. Tsunami."

"I was just enjoying the peace and quiet, if you wanted to talk so bad why didn't you start up a conversation?"

"I did," she pointed out. "I felt like I had to say something. You were just over there staring at me like the porch lights were on, but no one was home." A huge smile cracked from my closed lips. I just loved hearing her say her little sayings as if they were well known or always used. "So, what's going on in that brain of yours?"

"Why do you care?" I settled my lips flat, hiding the fact that I was still amused from her little Southern saying.

"I'm going to keep it real with you, sugar. I don't. I'm just being polite and all that." Her foot was back on the pedal once the light turned green and she was back to staring at the road.

"I don't have much on my mind, but I kind of want to know how long you've known my brother."

"Not long. Only since the soccer season started, so about a month. I don't really know much about him. I just know that Marvel and Trinity get on really well and he's a really cool guy. I definitely didn't know that he had a fine ass sister." I tittered as my cheeks flushed. I looked at Tristan and she snuck a peak at me with an alluring simper across those gorgeous features of hers. Her parents had to be either really gorgeous or really ugly to produce someone so fetching.

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