Chapter Seventeen

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"So, let me get this right. You f-cked this guy before I came over here to f-ck and he gave you sh-tty sex? Even I find this dude attractive," Tristan said as she went through Romeo's Instagram. We were lying naked in my bed, literally just chilling after we had sex for two hours. Her hair was all f-cked up and she had scratches from my nails down her back and I couldn't even think or walk straight. The sex was so good if she asked me to count to ten right now, I'd start off by saying 'Eleven.'

"Yeah, it was really bad but he's a really sweet guy. He told me I was beautiful, and you know, you might think that's nothing, but I'm not used to a guy genuinely saying that and not expecting anything, you know? I could tell he meant it. So, I f-cked him and now I feel really bad about it, but I also gained 200,000 Instagram followers in hours. I'm a trending topic on Twitter and just wait until people wake up in the morning and find out about 'Romeo's Hot Date: The Up and Coming Model Leilani Jaegar.' It's going to be wild."

"Don't forget me when you get big," Tristan said with a small chuckle. She passed me the phone and then laid there with her hands behind her head. "It's crazy, huh? You were just a normal model yesterday but today, you're a trending topic and you got people talking crazy in your comments. Girls want to kill you. They think you two are dating. That's f-cking crazy and now you have fans that came out of nowhere. This is big, Leilani. I haven't known you for long, but I know you deserve this and I know that once you become big, you're going to stay that way. You're a very likable person and I'm not just saying that because you have good p-ssy."

I cut my eyes at Tristan as she laughed at herself and I laid beside her. "It's crazy how fast it's happening. I've been waiting for this for years and I'm ready. I'm not scared or nervous. The only thing I regret is sleeping with him and once I tell him that it was a mistake and that I can't be with him then I'll feel much better about everything. I don't want him to think that I'm using him or trying to ride off his wave, you know?"

"I get you, but why can't you be with him? He seems like a nice guy and he seems to actually really like you. His sex might be wack, but you can teach him to do things the way you like it. I'd be bummed out that we couldn't f-ck anymore but if he makes you feel good then maybe you should give things a try. You've only known him for one day, so you shouldn't just push him out of the picture. Give the guy a chance."

"You want me to give Romeo a chance?" I wasn't expecting Tristan to give me encouragement of possibly having a relationship with Romeo and for some reason, I didn't want her to. We were just okay friends having really good sex, but she was so calm with just throwing that out the window. I didn't want to just be okay friends with her.

"Do I want your p-ssy all to myself? Yes, but I can't deny you someone who could literally make you so happy, you know? All I'm saying is give the man another date or two and in between those dates save some ass for me."

I laughed and leaned over to kiss her neck. "I'll always save some ass for you."

"That's what I like to hear. I should get going." Tristan sat up, but I quickly pulled her back down to lay with me. She raised her eyebrows at me. "What? Do you want another round or something?"

"No, I just want you to stay. Just cuddle and talk to me until I fall asleep and after that you can let yourself out if you want or you can just stay the night."

Tristan gave me a small smile. "I don't do sleepovers, honey."

"But you did one the other night."

"I fell asleep."

"Well, fall asleep again."

"No, I don't do sleepovers voluntarily."

"But I'm not just some hoe. I'm your hoe and friend so it's just like a friendly sleepover and I'm equally f-cked up and emotionally unavailable as you, therefore you can sleepover with no consequences and just benefits of really good cuddles and ass grabs," I told her really fast before she could think of anything else to say.

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