Chapter Seven

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The main reason of me getting personal training was so I could get closer to Tristan. Sure, having a nicer ass and better abs would be nice but honestly, I just wanted to get close and personal enough with her so we could eventually f-ck. Part of me, however, was starting to regret making Tristan my personal trainer. It was only fifteen minutes in and I was drenched in sweat. Tristan would demonstrate a work out to me and would do the activity as if it was nothing, but when it was my turn I nearly died.

She currently had me doing a glute bridge with a 20-pound weight and I thought I was going to f-cking die. When we first started working out, I tried to remain attractive but at this point all my f-cks were out the door. I was making all kinds of ugly faces as I laid on my back and raised my hips off the floor. Tristan knew I was struggling but she didn't seem to care. "Aye, hold it before coming back down," she instructed me as she leaned down and positioned her hand under my back. I groaned and she gave me this devilish smile as I brought myself back down. "You got this. Two more, Leilani."

This f-cker had me doing twenty straight reps as if that was normal. Maybe it was, but I wasn't the workout type. Once I was done, I let go of the dumbbell and laid with my back flat on the gym mat. "No more," I told her as I shooed her away and closed my eyes. She chuckled and I heard some shuffling beside me. I opened my eyes and looked to my right to see her laying there beside me with a stupid, gorgeous grin on her face. I laughed lightly as we stared at each other with smiles on our faces for a few seconds.

"Well, aren't you precious? Tired after two routines."

"I'm exhausted, Tristan," I said dramatically as I placed the back of my hand on my sweaty forehead. "Please, let me rest."

"Hon, I do more reps than that with a 50-pound dumbbell."

I scoffed jokingly and twisted up my mouth at her. "Of course, you do! Look at you and your f-cking muscles. You're equipped for this," I told her as I sat up. She chuckled as she sat up as well. As if she wanted to kill me, she lifted up one of her arms and began flexing her biceps. I nearly died but I hid it by laughing. I wanted to rip that damn tank top off of her but I had to play it cool. "Do you really have a tattoo of a woman in a skimpy ass dress on your bicep?"

"Yeah, when I flex she dances, look." Tristan began flexing her bicep again as I watched her stupid little tattoo woman dance, I swooned. "Look at that girl! She dances like the devil at midnight!" I snorted and hit her shoulder before laughing at her. Her f-cking quotes were too much and out of nowhere. I had never really hanged around someone so f-cking country.

"Hey, you can't say anything, Lani Tsunami. You have a tattoo of what's that? Snakes?" Tristan looked down at my sports bra which was covering majority of my Medusa tattoo. The only thing she could really see were the snakes peeking out. "It's Medusa. You wanna see?" You see, I thought I said that last part in my head but it came out verbally. My cheeks flushed as Tristan eyes lit up and she rubbed her index finger against one of her eyebrows. "Why'd you call me Lani Tsunami," I tried to change the subject.

"Because you're sweating like a hooker in church, sugar." I didn't know whether to laugh at her expression or moan at the fact that she called me 'sugar.' The way she said it was such a turn on. It came out so slow in that Southern drawl of hers. She could get it all. "But hey, if you wanna show me that tattoo of yours then who am I to oblige?" Tristan wasn't going to let my offer go down the drain. I bit my lip and decided to quirk up an eyebrow at her. Wait, if she lived across from me...she was just with a girl the other night? Did she have a girlfriend? Once again, I didn't give a f-ck if she did or not. I was just curious.

"Would your girlfriend be cool with that," I questioned slowly.

Tristan chuckled as if I had told her a funny joke. Her shoulders vibrated as she tilted her head back and kept chuckling. What the f-ck was so funny? Why was she so f-cking hot? Those pearly white teeth and the glint in her dark blue eyes were such an aesthetic. A walking piece of art. What did I do to deserve to be in her presence? "Who said I had a girlfriend? I don't date, sugar."

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