Chapter Forty-Two

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I leaned with my shoulder against the wall of Tristan's bathroom as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. Liking and commenting on posts of people I followed kept me entertained while I waited for Tristan to tell me she was ready. She had something up her sleeve for tonight and I wasn't sure what it was.

She had left in the middle of the night because Nick had some sort of emergency. She didn't come back to her apartment till around noon and when she did, she was so apologetic about leaving me all alone in her apartment. To make up for it, she said she was going to take me out tonight but she wanted both of us to buy new outfits. So, we went to the mall, into separate stores and bought something "cute yet casual" as she put it. Tristan even added a twist that we couldn't see what each other bought until we had it on. That's why I was standing in the bathroom waiting for her ass to get ready.

"Mesmerize" by Ashanti and Ja Rule was seeping through the cracks of the bathroom door as Tristan blasted it through her speakers. She was taking f-cking forever to get dressed. I had been dressed for at least twenty minutes and I had to do my hair and makeup. Literally all Tristan needed to do was put on damn clothes and she was still taking forever. I banged on the bathroom door and called out, "Baby," so she could hear me.

"Five more minutes, honey," she yelled back. I let out a loud, dramatic groan so she could hear how impatient and ready to go I was. "I love you," I heard her yell again with a hint of laughter.

My petty ass ignored her, but I still smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror. Upon Tristan's request,

I bought something cute, but not so cute that I wouldn't want to dance in. I bought some new denim jeans that were ripped and distressed. They were a little tight, but not so tight that I couldn't move or hit the electric slide in them. I was also wearing a pale pink long sleeve crop top. It was off shoulder, exposing my shoulders and some cleavage, if you couldn't even call what I had cleavage. Just how Tristan loved it, I did my hair half up and the other half with my curls down. My make up was popping too, but she wouldn't notice that. For the shoes, I went with some comfortable yet stylish black Nike's so if I had to f-ck somebody up in a dance battle I would be able to.

The music came to an abrupt stop just as I pulled out my phone again. "Alright, honey, you ready," I heard Tristan ask outside the door.

I looked up from my phone and took one last glance at myself in the mirror. I quickly adjusted my hair before turning towards the door. "I been ready, baby. You were the one taking a long ass time."

"I'm just tryin' to look pretty for you, honey."

"Aw, you tryin' to look all purrty for me, baby?"

"Keep mocking me and we ain't going nowhere," Tristan tried to sound stern, but I let out a playful giggle.

"Damn, we ain't?" I heard Tristan smack her lips and I continued giggling. I decided to stop playing with her so we could get the hell out of here and go where we were going. I was actually excited to find out what she had planned. "Okay, I'm sorry, baby. Can I open the door?"

"I'll open it."

"What if we clash and our outfits are ugly put together?"

Now, it was time for Tristan to mock me. Her voice got girly and she dragged out her words like she was a valley girl. "Oh my God! What if we clash and our outfits are ugly together?"

"I don't even sound like that, b-tch!"

Tristan chuckled. "I'm wearing all black. Nothing clashes with all black."

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