Chapter Fourteen

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The sound of my alarm woke me up from my deep sleep. With a groan, I kept my eyes closed and put my hands over my face. I heard a whimper come from beside me before I felt the presence of someone reaching over me. I slowly moved my hands from my face and opened my eyes.

The room was dim with hints of the bright Los Angeles sun peeking through the blinds here and there. I wasn't in my bed. This one actually slept way better than mine which was probably why I so easily fell asleep in it. I never stayed overnight, no matter how good the sex was. Never. But here I was in Leilani's bed, with her covers loosely wrapped around my waist.

Leilani turned off the alarm and laid beside me. With a huff, she turned to look at me with her gorgeous blue eyes barely open. She gave me a soft smile and I smiled as well. "Your alarm scared the f-ck out of me," she said with a rasp to her voice.

I chuckled and though I felt like I had overstayed my welcome, I stayed laying there and I put my hands behind my head. "Sorry, honey." I took one hand from behind my head to check my phone for any notifications.

There were a couple random texts from my friends and Nya sent me a Snapchat video of Milo's bed which was drenched. She captioned it, He's back on his bedwetting bullsh-t. I laughed and sent her some laughing emojis before putting my phone back down.

The whole time Leilani was just facing me with her eyes closing for long periods of time but then opening every once and a while. "I didn't mean to sleep over," I told her honestly. Her eyes jolted open and a lazy smile crept onto her face.

"It's all good. You're really cute when you sleep. You do this little snore thing."

"I don't snore, honey."

"Yes you do, Texas."

"Is Texas my new name now? I ain't gonna lie, it's kind of hot."

"As long as you keep calling me honey, I'll keep calling you Texas," she told me as if we were making some sort of deal.

A laugh came from me and I rubbed my eyebrow with my finger. "Deal, but I want you to call me daddy too. I really liked that Daddy Cash thing, you know? It was hot."

"You have such a big head for someone who was screaming my name last night. Fool, you should be calling me daddy." She laughed at her own self as if she had just said a crowd-pleasing joke. She continued to giggle even after I smacked my lips and gave her a serious stare.

"Hey, I'll let that slide. You did your thing last night. You knocked me right on out, honey. But I ain't calling you daddy. I'm daddy."

"But your kids don't even call you daddy so why should I?" Once again, Leilani was cracking the f-ck up. This time she jerked up in the bed and continued to laugh at me with barely open eyes. Her shoulders shook and her breasts jiggled as she cracked up.

I was guilty of letting out a laugh too, but I wasn't going to let her get away with it this time. "You know what..."

I jumped on top of Leilani and pushed her down on the bed. As she continued laughing, I tickled her sides to make her laugh harder. She screamed and tried to fight away my hands. "Stop it, Texas."

"Call me daddy!" She let out a squeal and grabbed my wrists.

"No, Tristan!"

"Say it, Leilani!" Leilani wheezed as she cackled and though I really wanted her to say it, I stopped tickling her. She was short of breath, trying to take in huge breaths between still laughing. "Okay, stop laughing. You're scaring me. You good?"

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