Chapter Sixteen

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"He has a big d-ck. I just know he does," Chyna told me with squinted eyes as if she was conjuring up an image of Romeo's d-ck in her mind. She licked her lips and shook her head and raised her hand in the air as if she was in the front row of a Baptist church. "I know he does. Can I get a witness?"

"Amen, sis! That d-ck probably rolls out like an Egyptian carpet," Kali agreed with Chyna. Chyna was rolling her hips to the 2000's Ja Rule song playing in the background as Kali carefully applied my make-up for my dinner with Romeo.

The girls were energetic about my night out and a tad bit jealous, but then again, who wouldn't be? Some women would literally chop off their foot just to be acknowledged by Romeo. It was a big deal for me to have dinner with him. I had plenty of fantasies about him but for some reason, once I met him, I wasn't sexually attracted to him.

Yeah, I thought he was fine, but it wasn't like I wanted to f-ck him. He seemed like a nice guy. The type of guy that I would strictly be friends with and that's all. So, I was elated about the dinner with him as well but for platonic and business reasons rather than sexual ones. To me, this wasn't even a date even though the girls kept calling it that.

"Can you tell us how he smelled again," Sasha asked as if she was a little child. I had given them every detail about the conversation and the photoshoot. The description I gave them about how his abs glistened from the oil and how the studio lights reflected perfectly off his brown skin deserved a f-cking Nobel Peace Prize, but they just couldn't get enough.

"He smelled like cocoa butter and cologne, like expensive ass cologne. He smelled super good. The brother had great hygiene. His teeth were whiter than the name 'Wyatt.'"

Sasha shivered as she sniffed the air as if I was telepathically sending her the smell of Romeo. "Mmm, I want him deep inside my walls." My mouth dropped, Kali ceased doing my makeup to give Sasha a scrunched up face and Chyna stopped body rolling and put her hands on her hips. Sasha smacked her lips and shrugged her shoulders. "What? I know you all want the same thing."

"Girl, you right. I'd let him throat f-ck me until I sh-t out my tonsils." My jaw fell lower at Kali's statement. These girls were really out of pocket today. "Girl, close your mouth. I'm sure you'll have it open after dinner."

"Look, I'm not f-cking him. He's a nice guy and I see him as a friend if anything. This dinner is just friendly and business." No one believed that and I wasn't sure why. I honestly did not want to do anything with Romeo. Not a damn thing, but talk and eat...hopefully for free.

"Yeah, yeah. When you come back home, you're going to come in walking bowlegged," Chyna told me with a teasing smile.

"Girl, bye. It's just dinner."

"You really not going to f-ck him," Kali asked in disbelief. She gave me this mean look that made me think she was going to beat my ass for skipping out on a blessing.

"No, I'm not."

"Well, give him a real b-tch's number because I'll bounce on that d-ck like a yo-yo and let him c-m in my p-ssy, mouth and ass." I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or be disgusted so I just smiled and shook my head while the rest of the girls howled in agreement.

"Don't tell me you're keeping your legs closed for Tristan," Chyna said with an eyebrow raised.

I rolled my eyes at her. "No. She's probably f-cking someone as we speak. I just don't want to ruin a good, potential friendship or business partnership over a f-ck, but I'll make sure he follows me on Instagram so he can see you fine young ladies and f-ck whichever he wants accordingly."

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