Chapter Two

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"Aye, you got to go," I told the woman laying down on my bed as I nudged her sleeping, naked body. It was 5:45 AM and I needed to get ready and get my kids up. The last thing I needed them to see was a random ass woman I slept with and get confused. It had happened before and my ex-wife, Nya, wasn't too happy about it.

The woman whined something under her breath. I didn't even remember her name. F-ck, what was her name? Rhonda? No, that was the one from the night before last. F-ck it. I didn't know and I didn't care. I'd most likely never talk to her again once I got her out of here. I nudged her again but this time harder. "C'mon, sugar. Get up. It's time to go!"

She stirred in her sleep but she didn't fully wake up. I hated hard sleepers. They were the worst to get out in the mornings. I had to dump a bucket of cold water on this one woman. It wasn't fun for her and also wasn't fun for me because I had to wash my soaking wet bedsheets. I looked at the time on my phone. 5:50 AM. You see, I ran on clockwork in the morning. It was already hard enough to get the hell up and get ready by myself, but when I had my kids, it was a real task. Everything had to be done on a timely basis or the whole operation was f-cked.

I picked up the clothes the woman was wearing last night and threw them at her. "Wake up!" This time she jolted up and gave me a confused look. Her eyelashes were falling off and I squinted my eyes at her. I never really understood makeup and such. Was it even healthy to sleep in that concoction? "Sugar, you got to go. I have to get ready in ten minutes. I need you out in five."

She bought her clothes to her chest before running her fingers through her tangled, blonde hair. The morning after, she didn't look like the same woman I called over. I wasn't sure if it was the f-cked up make up and the messed-up hair or the fact that I was blindsided by how f-cking horny I was last night. "Okay, okay, I'm leaving." I stepped back and turned my back towards her as she got dressed in her clothes from last night.

I knew she was done getting ready when she wrapped her arms around me from behind. Her nails ran down my bare abs and she bit my shoulder teasingly. "Mmm, when can I have more of you, tiger," she asked hoarsely.

I bit my lip and shrugged my shoulders. Why couldn't one night stands just be one night stands? Women always wanted more. All I wanted was sex, a one time f-ck and then we go on our separate ways. None of them understood that however. They blew up my phone until I blocked them and sometimes reappeared at my front door at all kinds of odd times of the night. "It was a one time thing, sugar. It was fun but you really need to go. It's 5:59."

I couldn't see her face but I knew by the way she blew her breath and pushed herself off of me that she was upset. I walked behind her and made sure that she actually left the apartment. You wouldn't believe how many women tried to hide in my apartment the morning after and act like they left. It was psychotic and pathetic. When she walked out the apartment door, she opened her mouth. "You're a real f-cking assh-" I slammed the door in her face. It was 6:00 on the dot, I didn't have time for any bullsh-t. How was I an asshole when I never promised her anything? It was clearly just sex but she let how good it was get to her head. I had a problem with getting women attached and leaving them hanging but that wasn't my fault. It was theirs.

Now that was done with, it was time for my everyday schedule. Usually I woke up at 6:00 when I had custody of my kids, which was typically every other weekend and on any given weekday when Nya was in a good mood. Don't get me wrong. Nya wasn't hateful. I saw my kids daily but I didn't keep them daily. After our nasty ass divorce and a few months of her distancing the kids and herself from me because of my f-cked up habits, she slowly let me back in their life. For the past two years since then we've been pretty good at co-parenting. When they lived with Nya, she would try to stop them by my job so I could see them or I'd head over to her home to visit at least for an hour every day to spend quality time.

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