Chapter Five

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I've signed over to a couple of gyms in my lifetime, but I've never been as excited to attend HYPE Fitness Studios. Yeah, the environment gave off a really relaxed yet passionate vibe, but damn, the owner was fine as a motherf-cker. Tristan, with her southern accent and those deep blue out of this world eyes could f-ck me until I forgot what year it was. She had a body of an Olympian and I could tell she took pride in it. She was flexing her damn biceps when she talked to me and I wanted to lick every inch of her like an ice cream cone in the middle of July. I walked in expecting to become a member of the gym, but I walked out feeling blessed and sanctified. What a mighty good God I serve, and I barely went to church. Hell, I wasn't even a devout Christian for that matter.

"Y'all should've seen it! This girl had her mouth wide open. She was basically slobbering all over the f-cking counter!" China was energetically recounting our visit to the gym to Sasha and Kali. She was pacing in front of the sofa as we sat there and watched her with amusement. I would say she was overdoing the situation, but when wasn't she? China was known for being extra as hell. She has always been even when we played on the playground as little girls. Outgoing, dramatic, petty and always catching everybody's eye, that was China and I loved every part of her.

"So, while this b-tch is drooling all over the counter, I'm over here trying to finesse a contract for the both of us. She's over there being all shy, barely saying anything to the girl until suddenly this b-tch gets an urgency to speak! Before I know it, she's over there biting the pen, basically sucking on it sexually for this b-tch. I'm talking about my nails to the receptionist and she's telling the owner how she can ride her ass and sh-t. I don't know. Lani was being wild as hell! That's y'alls girl."

I laughed as I quickly pointed my finger at China. I let her finish her little story, but I wasn't going to just sit there and let her try to play me. "That's not f-cking true! I was being a little flirty, but I didn't mean to get that crazy. If I was really being wild, I would've pounced on her over the counter and shoved my p-ssy in her face. But did I do that? No. I was chill as hell. Even you said she was fine!"

Kali and Sasha let out interested 'ooo''s in unison as China and I went back and forth. "If China's dick loving ass thinks a girl is fine then she really must be fine," Kali finally addressed after analyzing every word we said. Her legs were crossed and she had a plate full of assorted potato chips and cookies in her hand. How the f-ck did she eat all that junk food and still stay skinny? I was envious. I had to work off everything I ate to keep my figure the way I wanted it to be.

"She was fine for a white girl," China admitted with a shrug as she accompanied us on the couch. "Matter of fact, I bet she has an Instagram. Let me show you just how fine she is." China began to go through her phone. My stomach turned at the thought of her finding Tristan's Instagram page. What if she had a girlfriend or something? That would be a huge bummer, but she couldn't have a girlfriend with the way she was looking at me. Could she? The attraction was mutual or was I tripping? Even if she did have a girl, I'd gladly be a side hoe with no questions.

"Here she is! Tristan Cash! Ooo, girl, she got some bomb ass pictures. Let's read the bio first, though. Everyone crowded around China as she sat up on the sofa. Lurking was like a hobby for me and my friends. We did it so much that we were talented at it. All we needed was a first name and any other random information and we could find exactly who we were talking about if they had social media. It was an art that somewhat acted like a curse. Sometimes lurking granted you things that you wish you didn't see.

"The bio reads: Tristan Cash! 24 years young. Bodybuilder/Trainer. My life is dedicated to HYPE Fitness Studios and my two beautiful kids: Marvel and Milo. Hit me up for business inquires or training suggestions. I am willing to help you no matter where you are on your fitness journey!"

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