Chapter Twelve

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Once we got to the game, we took a seat at the bottom row in the middle bleachers. Malcolm told me that these were the best seats in the house. Trinity was right there, right in front of us. We could hear the pep talk she was receiving from her gray-haired coach who was a signature butch and a pretty hot one if I might add. The coach encouraged the girls to go on the field, enjoy themselves and give it their all.

Malcolm and Makayla nodded their head with every sentence that the coach said. The two of them took this sh-t seriously. They were wearing matching white crewneck t-shirts with Trinity's name and number on the back of them. Apparently, they had ordered me one as well, but it was on back order.

Trinity was in the back of the huddle with her arm wrapped around one of her teammates. The two girls listened attentively and every so often looked at each other to say something. They were super cute, and I could tell they were good friends, but the familiarity of the little girl with my niece was bothering me. Who was she? Why did she look familiar? I didn't know many kids.

Think, Lani, think. Could she possibly be the daughter of some famous couple or in a hit TV show? Around this area, you never knew. I squinted my eyes as if that was going to help me think harder and find out exactly who the girl was. I knew I looked stupid, as if I was trying to activate telekinesis powers or as if I was having a vision.

The little girl played with Trinity's hair which was much like hers as Trinity grinned ear to ear. This couldn't be a famous kid. Malcolm would've been bragged about it.

The little girl turned around to face the bleachers and looked up at the stands before focusing back on Trinity. When I saw her face, it dawned on me. I let out a gasp. That's f-cking Marvel! I jumped up a little bit in excitement that I cracked the case. It had me stressed out for a good two minutes and a sense of relief fell upon me.

But just as quick as that relief ran through my body, so did a rush through my insides that set me on fire. My heart skipped a beat and I slowly turned around to search the rest of the bleachers. My eyes peered up to where Marvel was staring a minute ago and that fire within me burned even more.

Tristan sat with Milo in her lap at the top of the bleachers as Nya sat beside her texting on her phone. As if she could sense me staring at her, her eyes went from Marvel on the field and over to me. We caught eyes for a few seconds and I could tell she was just as surprised to see me. Her eyes squinted with confusion but after a few awkward seconds, they lit up accompanied with a smirk and a wave.

A smile crept upon my face naturally and I bit my lip as I waved back. She was wearing a backwards baseball cap, which Milo stole from her head while she was distracted with me. Tristan ran her hands through her hair, fixing it effortlessly before kissing Milo's hand. Can this b-tch be ugly? Just for a second, one f-cking second.

I huffed and turned around to face the field. I tried to concentrate on the game as it started, but I couldn't get how fine Tristan looked out of my damn head. The rolled-up sleeves of her own gym brand shirt showed off her glorious biceps. When I stared at them, all I could think about was how they tensed up every time she thrusted into me on her motherf-cking desk.

I could literally feel her. I could feel her hands wrapped around my throat. I could feel her eyes burning into mine. I could feel her body pushing into mine and f-ck, it made me so f-cking horny. My mouth parted as I let out a moan from remembering what happened, but I quickly covered it with a cough.

Malcolm placed his hand on my back with a bit of concern. "You okay?"

"Yeah, my stomach just hurts. I'm starving. It's the munchies," I lied with a blush upon my cheeks.

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