Chapter Twenty-Six

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Tristan pulled up to my apartment at 7:00 on the dot for dinner. She told me to dress casually, in which I did. We were going to one of her favorite spots. I had never heard of the place she was taking us, but she reassured me that the food was amazing and that I wouldn't be disappointed.

She reminded me to grab my inhaler, in which I secured in my white clutch. Being excited about tonight was an understatement. Not only was I ready to fill my guts with food but I was ready for my guts to be rearranged by Tristan. She never disappointed and something told me that tonight was going to be the top f-ck of my life. I could just feel it in my bones. It made me shake and it gave me the holy spirit and I hadn't even been touched yet.

"What's up, Texas," I greeted Tristan when she pulled up to my apartment. I hopped in and buckled up my seatbelt and then turned to face her. She was looking at me as if I was her dinner tonight. She took a deep breath and gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"What's up, honey? You look so f-cking good," she said as she peered down at the little bit of cleavage that I was showing. I was wearing a crochet knit crop top and the crisscross tie design in the front showed the hint of cleavage that I possessed. I was wearing ripped white jeans as well, which was interesting since Tristan was too.

She was dressed casual as well, but anything on her looked designer. Sometimes she made me wonder if she was the up and coming model while I was just some basic, pretty b-tch. She looked gorgeous in a short sleeve, button down baby blue shirt with white pinstripes going down it. The first few buttons of her shirt were undone, and they revealed the intricate, gorgeous tattoos that was on her chest and collarbone. The color of her shirt made her eyes stand out, but then again, they always did. In a way, we matched, the baby blue of her shirt matched the blue in my multicolored top. I guess great minds thought alike because it looked like we coordinated outfits.

"You know you look too damn good," she told me slowly, still giving me compliments before I could even say "thank you" to the first one. She looked down from my breasts then back up to my eyes. "I like how I can see half of your Medusa tattoo. One of her eyes is peeking at me. Hey, Medusa," Tristan waved adorably at the tattoo that started right below my breasts. I giggled and shook my head at her as her eyes peered up at my hair. "And your hair, I like it when you have a high ponytail like that. Your hair's all curly and stuff. You look like a little, baby lion."

"A little baby lion," I repeated as I continued giggling. Why was she being so cute tonight? Literally, off the jump. I wasn't complaining but it made me just want to hold her rather than f-ck her.

"Yeah, you're over there looking like Nala from the Lion King," she said with a laugh.

"You're so lame," I said as I pushed her shoulder. "Can we go eat or are you going to continue comparing me to Disney characters?"

"I don't know. You tell me, Ursula." A small chuckle came from her as she laughed at her own self. She finally put the car into drive as I sat there with my arms crossed.

"Wow, that's rude! That's really rude, Tristan!"

"Next time, you'll think twice about calling me lame, huh, honey?"

"Huh, honey," I mocked her in a nasally voice, even though she didn't even sound nasally.

Tristan took me to this restaurant called, Rosa's Place and it wasn't your typical restaurant. I could hear the music of the live band blasting before we even stepped into the restaurant and when we did the delicious smell of food blessed my nose. I took a sniff of the air and my stomach growled. Tristan led the way to the hostess, who screamed when she saw Tristan.

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