Chapter Forty-Three

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"What did she do, Cash," Nick asked me as he chortled. Kobe and Zayn were laughing as well as we sat in the break room of the gym. Meanwhile, I was sitting there with a straight face as I subconsciously rubbed my cheek, still feeling the sting of Veronica's slap two days later.

"Man, she slapped the dog sh-t out of me," I repeated lowly, but my friends laughed even louder.

"You telling me that you went viral the other night and nobody caught that sh-t on camera? I would pay to see that," Nick said as he continued to crack up. "That b-tch is crazy and to think she was almost my problem."

When I first met Veronica, Nya and I had finalized our divorce a few days before. I was lonely and felt miserable about my past actions and needed a way to feel better. So, I went out clubbing with Nick. We both laid eyes on Veronica. We were both smitten at how beautiful she was. We took turns going back and forth over to her, flirting and spitting game. She chose to go home with me, unfortunately. After two days of good sex, on the third, she began acting crazy. At first, I thought it was hot and entertaining but after a week, I realized she had serious issues. She harassed me for at least a month before finally getting bored and moving on. I hadn't even thought about her until the sh-t she pulled the other night.

"I remember that time she slashed your tires," Kobe recounted with a chuckle that made him shake his shoulders. "You called me as if I could patch those b-tches up or something."

"How about the time she took locks of your hair while you were sleeping and you found them in a Ziplock bag by her dresser," Zayn brought up as he shook his head.

"She didn't even try to hide the sh-t," Kobe asked as he snickered.

"No, the b-tch was openly psycho. When I asked her why she had my hair, she told me to not worry about it. As if it was none of my business that she was stealing hair off of my f-cking head!" I was getting frustrated all over again. That girl stressed me out so f-cking much. Right when I was happy in my life with a woman, she conveniently showed up with a crazier attitude, a new weave and a brand-new titties.

"I'm telling you guys...she almost ruined that night. She came up to Leilani and I and said I had f-cked her the night previous. Leilani actually believed the sh-t because she was so convincing. I almost lost her that night. It was f-cking insane. That girl has mental issues, I swear," I voiced my frustration as my friends listened on. They were thoroughly entertained by this and not taking anything I said seriously, which was just as aggravating as Veronica.

"What did Lani do," Kobe asked. "Was there a girl fight?"

"A girl fight?! Sh-t, that would've been hot," Nick said as he began rubbing his chin and looking up to the ceiling. "Ever since you've been training Lani, she's gotten a body. I mean, she always had a body but she's getting a body body. You know? She's getting a little thick with it...just a little bit but that little bit is enough. It's enough to the point that I think she could possibly beat a b-tch up. Veronica, on the other hand, has always been thicker than syrup. Her body is crazy. But I think it would be a fair match up. I can picture both of their asses jiggling and maybe one of them ripping the other's shirt off. Veronica would be on top of Lani, you know, forcing her down." Nick looked from the ceiling and over to me. "You need to take advantage of this! A threesome! Veronica, you and Lani!"

"I'm not doing a threesome. F-ck Veronica. She doesn't have sh-t on Leilani and if she put her hands on my girl then I would've knocked the b-tch out cold. I'm just lucky Leilani believed me over her. She knows Veronica is just some crazy b-tch."

"Am I," a feminine voice asked from behind. I damn near jumped out of my skin as my eyes jolted towards the door way. Veronica was standing there in a revealing outfit that was more suitable for a nightclub than day time wear. Her breasts were damn near spilling out of her top and the skirt she was wearing barely covered her ass and was miles away from her knees.

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