Chapter Nine

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"All I'm saying is that when I sleep with a girl I expect to have my d-ck sucked. I'm giving you a service. I'm pounding my heart away, letting you put your dirty ass nails in my back while you lay there stiff as f-ck. I deserve my d-ck to be at least two inches down your throat," Nick vented in the break room of HYPE to Zayn, Kobe, Kacey and I.

I'm not even sure how we got on the topic. I honestly think Nick just randomly started speaking his mind. I was trying to eat my apple in peace and not hear him complain about how women didn't suck his d-ck. I was sitting on the countertop eating my apple and casually blocking numbers of pass flings from my phone. At this point, I was tired of ignoring their messages. They needed to go. If you couldn't please me after the first time, you didn't deserve a second.

"I doubt your d-ck is even two inches long," Kacey said with disgust as she flipped through a fitness magazine. She was sitting at the table with everyone else, popping her gum relentlessly. She didn't even look up from the fitness magazine when she took a shot at Nick.

"Don't make me pull out this schlong. You ain't ready for it," Nick said as he shook his head at Kacey. "I'd rip your small ass in two. Keep f-cking with me. My d-ck be all up in the guts. Sh-t is crazy." I gagged on a chunk of apple in my throat from disgust. "See, Cash is over there gagging on my d-ck right now."

"Man, if you don't shut your ass up. Don't you ever say your down yonder is anywhere close to my body ever again or I'll slap the damn taste out of your mouth," I shot back at Nick. For some reason, everyone laughed as if I was joking. I sat there with a straight face and took a bite from my apple.

"Well, bo' I'ma slap the taste out of ya mouf. Yeehaw," Nick mocked me. Oh, that's why they were laughing. "This mans said 'down yonder.' You gotta get out of that country dialect. You've been living here for way too long to still be talking like you were born in a creek."

"Why do y'all act like the way I talk is so horrible? It's how I was raised. I don't talk about y'all proper asses. Why does everything you say have to be enunciated so damn perfect. Y'all sound like robots. I'm country and proud."

"It's just weird. You're very...weird. You're like a black person stuck in a white country girl's body. You don't even like country music like that. You sing and write R&B songs. Majority of the women you f-ck are black women. Most of your friends are people of color. Like dawg, you're weird," Nick tried to explain. "And I'm not saying you act black because you can't act like a color, but you definitely have the ways of my fellow peers. Isn't that right, Kobe?"

Kobe had one earbud in his ear as he listened to music. He was rocking back and forth and singing every other line quietly to himself. I hadn't even noticed until it was dead quiet, and he was still in his own little world. "It's me and you now. I've been waiting, think I wanna make that move now. Baby, tell me how you like it."

Nick was the first one to bust a gut. He slapped his leg and shook his head as he moved his hands as if to say 'no way.' "This mans is not singing a Cassie joint! Yooooo, he has no shame."

Kobe laughed adorably and took out his earbud. "Damn, I was sitting here in my own world. What were you guys talking about?"

"No, we're not gonna bypass the fact that you were singing Me & You by Cassie like a damn female," Nick said as he continued to laugh. "Bruh, you were doing falsetto and everything. Eyes closed and sh-t. You were feeling that. Bruh, I'm weak." Nick was laughing so hard that a tear had shed. I was laughing too but it wasn't unusual coming from Kobe. He was usually in his own little world of dancing and singing.

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