Chapter Twenty-Two

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The presence of Tristan's warm breath caused a chill to go down my spine. "We going to find your phone or what," she asked me as we stood still in front of the skee ball machine. Her lips were grazing my neck and I'm not sure why she was being so risky. Her children could pop up at any moment and my brother, Makayla and Nya could probably see us from the table. I stood in front of the skee ball machine, biting my lip as children ran past us enjoying their childhood. They wouldn't be thinking about what I was thinking about until a few years down the road. The environment was weird to be horny in, but honestly Tristan probably could turn me on at a f-cking funeral.

But then again, I kind of always been naturally horny especially in the past two years. I just always wanted to feel something, something good and Tristan exceeded expectations. She made me feel motherf-cking fantastic. The b-tch deserved a gold star and a pat on the f-cking back. "Honey," Tristan said, once I still hadn't moved.

"Yeah, let's go get my phone," I finally said as I turned to face her. She laughed to herself a little and gestured for me to lead the way. "You just want to look at my ass."

"How'd you know?"

I fake laughed and cut my eyes at her as I turned to make my way to the exit doors. I wasn't even five full steps into my stride when three kids who had been following me around ever since I stepped foot into Rocket's stepped in front of me. I huffed, stopped in my tracks and crossed my arms.

One was pudgy and he had a problem with constantly picking his nose. One was taller than the others, skinny and would not stop looking at my titties. I barely had titties and this stupid seven-year-old kept looking at mine. How did he even know what titties were? The other had glasses that were way too low on the bridge of his nose. He looked like Tina Belcher and he smelled like a mix of hot dog water and mosquito repellant. It made me gag.

"Excuse me, kids," I tried to say without sounding like I was annoyed. Their parents were probably enjoying the limited booze that Rocket's sold while their little kids f-cking harassed me. All I did was beat the top score on the dance machine and these damn kids wouldn't leave me alone. It was like I was their small-titted hero or something.

"Where ya going? Who's he," the pudgy one asked me as he carelessly picked at his nose. He looked up at Tristan who had her arms semi-crossed, one arm was leaning on top of the other as she casually covered her nose. She must smell the Tina Belcher looking boy too.

"Yeah, who are you," the skinny boy asked as he puffed up his bird chest. I let out a mock laugh and looked at Tristan to see how she was reacting to this. She quirked up a brow and an amused smile spread across her face.

"I'm her daddy," Tristan said as she put her hand on my shoulder. "It's time for her to go home now."

"You're not old enough to be her dad and you're white," hot dog water boy said as he adjusted his glasses.

I actually really laughed that time. It was funny because my dad was actually really white while my mom was black. "I'm biracial. My dad's white and my mom's black," I told them honestly.

"Where's your mom," the pudgy one questioned as he flicked a booger to the floor. I stepped back a little because the booger got a little too close to my personal area.

"She's home. Now if you can excuse us, it's time for Leilani to go," Tristan said as she placed her hand on the middle of my back. "Let's go, honey."

"You're not fooling anyone. You're not her dad. You're her boyfriend," the skinny and tall one said as he stepped forward as if he was going to fight Tristan. It was obvious that the kid was jealous and it was kind of adorable yet very f-cking weird.

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