Chapter Forty-One

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Leilani and I were sitting together on the couch. She was looking down and picking at the holes in her ripped jeans. She was trying her best not make eye contact. I knew she didn't want me to see that she had been crying, but it was easy to tell from how swollen her eyes were. I was trying to figure just how to bring up the conversation as I twiddled my thumbs. She ended up speaking before I could.

"You and Romeo are something else," she said quietly followed by a giggle. "I saw your Instagram posts."

"Yeah, I read your comments. They were pretty funny," I said with a chuckle. She smiled but continued looking down at her jeans. We were sitting so far apart on the couch. I had sat down first and she made it a mission to sit on the other side. I wanted to move closer to her, but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable in any way. It was silly thinking I couldn't sit right beside my girlfriend, but I knew me yelling at her probably made her a bit nervous to be so close. It was my fault.

"You got over a million followers. That's really huge, Tristan," she said, finally looking over at me. I looked down not being able look in her swollen eyes. "Your follower count is going up like crazy and all these hoes are talking stupid in your comment section."

I chuckled and rubbed my index finger across my eyebrow. I licked my lips and looked up at her with a small smirk. "You jealous?"

"You're the last person that needs to be asking anything about jealousy," she told me followed by a soft laugh. "I'm not jealous. I just think it's funny since I'm not the only one calling you "daddy" now. It's the end of an era."

"Those comments are crazy. Girls keep posting stuff like, "Let me see our kids. Marvel and Milo miss me" and "When are you coming home?" Like that's the running joke. It's literally a meme on Twitter now, people just mentioning me and asking stuff like that. It's funny. Crazy, but funny."

"So, you're enjoying the attention?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "It's entertaining. I guess some good came out of what happened last night." Leilani sighed before pressing her lips together. She looked away from me and instead just stared forward into space. "I'm sorry for yelling at you last night. I don't care what you did. That wasn't necessary. It was disrespectful, especially for me to yell at you like that in front of your friends. I feel like the biggest f-cking idiot."

"Last night was stupid," she said exhaustedly. "I got super drunk and for what reason? I'm sure everyone would've still loved me even if I was just tipsy. I guess I got nervous about being around so many celebrities and drank to calm my nerves. I genuinely am sorry for dancing on him, Tristan. It wasn't right, drunk or not. I would f-cking cut a b-tch if she ever danced on you like that."

I allowed myself to let out a laugh and Leilani laughed as well. I slowly began scooting over to her and she met me halfway in the center of the couch. I took her hand and kissed her forehead. "I know you didn't mean to make me upset and that you were just drunk as hell. I think what really upset me was the stuff you didn't tell me. It was too much piled on top of each other, you know? Just one incident would've been okay, but not multiple. It made me feel like you were hiding something."

"I wasn't. I love you so much, Tristan."

"I know."

It was quiet for a few seconds. I had one of Leilani's hands in mine, but she was using the other to scrape her nails back and forth against her denim jeans nervously. I was being so soft with her. Why was she so nervous? I wasn't raising my voice or anything.

"You okay," I asked her.

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "I just feel like I really f-cked things up. You got so, so mad at me last night. I thought you were going to snap on me. You looked like you wanted to kill me."

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