Chapter Forty-Five

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I covered my face with embarrassment as Kali beat on the table. She nodded her head as she constructed a rhythm with her fists. All I did was rave about Tristan and tell my friends a brief overview of the night we had. My high ass friends took in every word I said and blew the whole sh-t out of proportion. So out of proportion that they started rapping back and forth at each other as we sat in the outside dining area of a crowded restaurant.

"Lani gonna rock them kids to sleep for that p-ssy," Sasha rapped along to Kali's beat.

"Let Tristan put that strap in deep for that p-ssy," China added in.

"Grab her inhaler! She can't breathe for that p-ssy," Kali spat.

Before anyone could say anything else, I dropped my hands from my face and rapped, "Keep on and I'm going to f-ck around and make you b-tches leave for that p-ssy."

The girls were extra as hell as they all began whooping and hollering at my response. I was so sick of going places with them and people looking at us like we were psychos. "Lani got bars," China shouted.

"B-tch, we all got bars! We should do an all-girl Brockhampton or some sh-t," Kali exclaimed. "That sh-t went hard!" She was shaking her head as if she couldn't believe what we had just pulled off. I admit, it was pretty impressive how we stayed in rhythm and bounced off each other, but I would never admit that since they had embarrassed me so bad in public.

"Y'all always embarrassing me," I said with flushed cheeks. "I don't know who's worst y'all, my momma or Tristan."

"We love you and we're happy for you, boo," China said as she put her arm around my shoulder. I gave her a bashful smile and she pinched my cheeks, but I smacked them away. "Our little Lani baby is finally in a healthy and happy relationship!"

"I haven't forgot about how she threw my phone that one time, but I guess I forgive her big-headed ass. I think she's good for you. You're glowing and all that good stuff. Glowing like you're pregnant or something. Let me find out Tris got that magic stick," Kali exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes at her as I laughed. "Shut up."

"Damn, you really are glowing, Lani," Sasha noticed. She began looking around suspiciously and put her finger to her ear. "Is that wedding bells, I hear?" The girls began cracking up as I sat there and pointed at my mouth that didn't have a hint of a smile on it.

"I don't hear a damn thing," I said with a straight face. "Tristan and I will get married. I mean, that's my woman, but not any time soon. I'm not hearing wedding bells until I'm twenty-five. I'm twenty-one and I'm just trying to make a name for myself for now and we can start building together at twenty-five."

"Well, isn't Tristan twenty-four," Kali asked with her brows raised.

"Yeah, but her dumbass already got married at a young age, so I think she can wait until she's twenty-nine or thirty to try again," I replied with a shrug.

"So, you're in love with her but you're waiting four years for marriage. That's cool, but what if she asks you to marry her before then," China questioned.

I don't know why the hell my friends were on my back right now. They were asking me really tough, random ask questions. "Did Tristan put y'all up to this," I asked skeptically with squinted eyes.

"No, I was just curious," China quickly said with a shrug. "What would you do if she asked you?"

"I would tell her to treat the ring she's offering up like some leftovers and save it for later," I responded simply.

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