Chapter Thirty-Four

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"Wait, don't you have work or something," Tristan asked halfway through lunch. After an emotionally exhausting night, we both slept in late. We woke up just in time to grab lunch before Tristan had to go run the gym.

We were cuddled up beside each other in a booth. Tristan had her arm wrapped around me while the other kept extending to eat the remaining food on her plate. "Oh, I didn't tell you," I said as I dropped my fork and looked at her.

She quirked up an eyebrow and gave me a soft smile. "Tell me what?"

"Well," I said before clicking my tongue and cocking my head to the side. She laughed quietly as she stared at me awaiting patiently for my response. "I'm going to need you not to get starstruck or anything."

I flipped my hair and smirked, and Tristan continued laughing quietly. "Come on, tell me, honey," she said as she put her hand on my knee. A huge smile spread across my face. I couldn't wait to see her facial expression. "Tell me," Tristan dragged out her words, becoming impatient.

"Angela is giving me a contract to be a model for Top Face Models! She's giving me a few days to chill, but soon I'll be an official model, like the real deal. A signed and booked model," I finally exclaimed.

Tristan's eyes got wide as she slid away from me. She let out an extremely loud, "Woo!" It got everyone's attention in the restaurant. Okay, now I knew, I couldn't tell my family, friends or Tristan any good news in public unless I wanted to be embarrassed. My cheeks flushed as Tristan banged her hand on the table and screamed, "That's what I'm talkin' about, honey!"

"Oh my God, you're so loud," I whispered as I put my hands on my heated cheeks.

She put her hands on my shoulders and looked at me with wide eyes. "Honey, you're going to be a star!"

"Everyone's looking at us," I said. I didn't have to look away from her to know that. I could feel everyone's eyes on us burning right through my damn skin.

Tristan took her hands off my shoulders and wrapped an arm around the back of my neck. She looked around the restaurant and I buried my face into her body, so people couldn't look directly in my embarrassed ass face. "Yeah, everyone, you're looking at America's next top model! You're looking at the baddest b-tch in California," Tristan shouted out. I ended up laughing, but at the same time I wanted to kill her extra ass.

I moved my face from Tristan's shoulder and when I saw nearly everyone in the restaurant looking our way, I folded my arms on the table and put my face into them. "Leilani Jaegar, remember that name! She'll be in magazines soon! On the cover of Vogue in the new designer fit you can't even buy, not even if you had the money to!" My shoulders shook as I screamed with laughter into my arms. She was so f-cking stupid.

I peeked up at Tristan from my arms. "Tristan, please!"

Tristan put her hand on my back and rubbed it as she chuckled. "Alright, honey, I'm sorry for embarrassing you but I had to let these people know. They're in the same restaurant as an up and coming legend."

I sat up all the way and gave her a sarcastic grin. "Thanks for that, baby." I took a piece of bread from my plate and threw it at her face. The bread fell into her lap and she gratefully picked it up and stuffed it into her mouth.

"Any time, honey," she said with her mouth full.

"I can't take your ghetto, country bumkin ass nowhere," I said through giggles.

Tristan washed the bread down with her water before putting down her glass. She gave me a shoulder shrug accompanied by a cute, innocent smile. "I'm just so happy for you, honey. If anyone deserves this, it's you. You're going to be a f-cking star and I'll be the hot, gym owner by your side. Everyone's going to be like, "Omg, Leilani's girlfriend is almost as hot as her.""

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