Chapter Eleven

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My girls stared at me as if I had just told them I was pregnant or as if I was going to practice celibacy. Their jaws nearly touched the table as we sat in the small booth in the back of the strip club. As they stared at me with big eyes, I took a light sip of my tasty red sangria before taking a bite of a BBQ chicken wing.

I had told them every detail of what went down in Tristan's office earlier today. One of my favorite things to do was express my hoe adventures to my friends.  They always reciprocated with stories on their own, but I was the most sexually active of the group. For some reason, the Tristan news were taking them by surprise. As if we all didn't know it would eventually happen. It wasn't that big of a deal.

Don't get me wrong, the sex was good. One of the top ten f-cks of my life, majorly because of the surprise element but it was also vanilla. It could've been dirtier, and I knew in our future endeavors that it would. Tristan gave me an introductory course of her sex game. She was being tame, but I knew once I unlocked the beast, I would be on top of the world. I would really have a f-cking asthma attack then and my horny ass could not wait.

Sasha was the first to break the silence. When her mouth opened, her voice was piercing and loud, "You two are little heathens! In her office! She was prepared. She had lube. She was wearing a strap. Filthy. Little. Heathens." Her hand hovered over her collarbone as if she was clutching her imaginary pearls. She leaned onto the table and looked at the other girls before focusing back on me. Her voice lowered as she let out a whisper, "Was it worth it?" She acted as if Tristan was in hearing distance, let alone in the strip club.

Chy smacked her lips and lightly hit Sasha's shoulder as she sat at the edge of the booth. "You see that damn glow on her face, of course it was worth it," she responded to Sasha. She flipped her hair which flowed right down to her round, bare breasts and barely covered her brown nipples. Her brand-new wig was wavy, dark and sexy. Damn, I had some fine ass friends.

Unlike the rest of us, Chy was working tonight, hence, she didn't have a damn thing on but a thong and stilettos. She was on her break, but soon, she'd have to leave us and return to the pole. I would miss her conversation but enjoy seeing her twirl around that pole as if it was easier than boiling an egg. She knew how to do tricks that always left me speechless no matter how many that I had seen before. She had f-cking talent and it showed in the money she made every night.

"Could you not tell from the details? She f-cked the f-ck out of me with no remorse. She didn't kiss me or anything. Sh-t was falling of the desk. I think I blacked out. We didn't have an earthquake earlier today, did we? Because that's what it f-cking felt like," I further explained to my friends.

Kali laughed a little bit as she added her two cents into the conversation, "She knew you were going to let her hit it. That's the funny part. She had so much confidence and you just opened your legs." She paused and snickered to herself. "As you should. Smart girl. You know not to pass up on blessings. God gave you that plastd-ck and you took it like a champ!"

At first, I scrunched up my face, but I ended up laughing, "Okay, we can call it anything but a f-cking plastd-ck. That sounds so ugly."

A mischievous smile came onto Chy's face. "I know what we can call it."

I lifted an eyebrow at her and giggled in anticipation. "What?"

Within seconds, Chy jumped up from the table. She bent over and began shaking her ass for us as she rocked side to side. She began singing loudly, "Tristan got the magic stick!" As if we were all on the same wavelength, my friends and I joined in on her little remix of Magic Stick by Lil Kim & 50 Cent.

We all sung as if we were one big choir and got up to dance along with Chy. "If she can hit once then she can hit twice!"

We were having our own little personal party in the strip club and people who didn't know what the f-ck was going on joined in. They didn't sing along but they ended up dancing with us and screamed out adlibs for support of our spontaneous jam session. Chy pointed her fingers at me and screamed, "What you got, Lani?!"

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