Chapter Six

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My heels echoed throughout the hallways of Top Face Models. Through the huge window panes that accompanied the hall, I could see the buzzling city. It wasn't quite 8 AM yet but the city was running as if it was on crack. Everyone was trying to get to work through the horrendous traffic while some were on their morning jog. I never understood people who woke up and just ran. That sounded like some sort of demonic possession if you ask me.

I shivered at the thought as I continued walking towards Angela's office. I had to be in her office in five minutes. I was always a very punctual person. I loved arriving to places at least five minutes early. Angela hated that and asked me to walk in her office on the dot whether than minutes early. When I had time to spare, I usually chatted with the receptionist, other agents and models waiting for their appointments. The atmosphere of Top Face wasn't horrible. It was actually very upbeat but it made me salty that I wasn't officially apart of the damn company. F-ck, make me a model already, Angela!

I walked into Angela's office at 8 AM on the dot. There was no need to knock. She knew I always arrived on the dot and was always prepared to boss me around. This morning, however, when I walked in, I nearly got a headache. Angela was yelling to the top of her lungs at one of her new models. The tall, blonde girl stood over Angela with a pout on her face as Angela went off in a purple pantsuit. Angela was the pantsuit queen. She left Hilary Clinton shook! While she dressed in pantsuits 24/7, my dress code was simply a dress shirt, an appropriate skirt and heels. I didn't mind it. It made me feel like a business woman rather than a b-tch ass assistant.

The blonde's brown eyes were stretched wide as if she couldn't believe how angry Angela was. Angela was holding an iPhone with a pink case in her hand and it must've been the girl's because Angela hated the color pink...with a f-cking passion. One time, a model came in wearing nothing but all hot pink and Angela puked as if the model's guts was spilling out or something. She was definitely an interesting woman to say the least.

"You know, I get it if you're not smart. It's okay. Your prettiness balances it out. However, I do not respect an ignorant ass person. You're entitled to your own opinion except when it's wrong as hell and it hurts the f-cking company. This is my company! My establishment! My brand! People read 'Top Face Models' and they see my damn face! Angela f-cking Daniels. Say my name!" The blonde flinched at Angela's command. She didn't say it within five seconds and Angela flipped her sh-t. "Say my motherf-cking name. Angela. F-cking. Daniels. Say it!" She pointed her free finger at the girl.

The blonde whimpered before saying, "Angela Daniels."

I was standing against the wall trying my best not to laugh. I was standing right by the door and I wasn't moving just in case Angela really went off and murdered this b-tch. I stayed close to my escape route because I wasn't with that How to Get Away with Murder type sh-t.

"That's f-cking right. I'm a black woman who made it to the top in an industry filled with undercover racists. People of my own color denied me resources to please their nonblack counterparts. So, what I'm not going to do is sit here and let a model of my own company—a company that supports equality—to be tarnished by some white fake blonde b-tch. You know how many pretty white blonde b-tches are out there!? Huh?! Answer me." I let out a snicker and Angela shot me a glare. I straightened up my face, scratched the back of my neck and became entertained with the pattern of the carpeted floor.

"In all due res-"

"Ah-uh, I didn't ask for an explanation. You tweeted out a racial slur thinking you were DMing a friend, not knowing that people were going to catch it. No matter how fast you deleted it. What makes it worse was that you had to nerve to type it with an '-er.' You really think that's okay? Do you think it's okay to call your white friend the n-word?" Damn, she was cancelled. My blood was boiling now that I understood the situation. Now, I understood exactly why Angela was mad. Maybe I was down for some How to Get Away with Murder sh-t.

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