Chapter Forty-Six

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Surprisingly, Leilani and I made it through a full hour and a half without being remotely sexual in church. Even when we went to lunch with her family, we were still on our best behavior. Sure when she asked, "Daddy, pass the ketchup," her dad and I reached for the bottle at the same time, but I quickly recovered before her dad could notice and beat my ass.

"So, you liked them," Leilani asked with her head rested in my lap. I was sitting on the couch twirling my thumb through her curls as she laid back rested on me and the couch. Marvel and Milo were playing in their room, probably doing something they weren't supposed to be doing.

"Your parents? Yeah, I loved them. They're funny and nice."

"Yeah, they're alright."

I chuckled. If only she knew how lucky she was to not have a dysfunctional ass family. "You're so gorgeous, you know," I told her as I looked down at her. She gave me a cute grin that made my heart melt. "You know what I really like?"

"What's that, baby," she asked me as she took my hand in hers.

"I really like your dark, little beauty marks and when you don't cover them up with make-up. I think my favorite one is the one near the corner of your lip or maybe the one on the side of your chin."

Leilani giggled as it seemed like her eyes lit up. "You have favorites? You're so weird." I smacked my lips at her as she continued to giggle at me. "But you're cute and fine." She brought my hand to her lips and kissed the back of it. "You know what I really like other than weed, Cartier bracelets and sex?"

I chuckled and raised an eyebrow at her. "What, honey?"

"I really like your lips. They're so plump and soft. You have really good lips, like they're not thin and they're never chapped. They're pink and pretty just like your p-ssy." I almost choked on my saliva as Leilani laughed at her own sentence. Her body shook as she laughed and one of her eyes began watering. "Damn, I'm so funny. You're so lucky to have me."

"I really am, honey. I thank God every day for you."

"My mom's not here. You can cut the religious act."

"No, I'm serious. I'm so thankful for you."

Her jaw dropped a little but then she closed it and gave me a sweet smile. "I'm thankful for you too. You really love me. So much that you even have a favorite beauty mark of mine." She laughed a little to herself before lifting up her wrist. "And so much you bought me a bracelet and bags that cost thousands."

"Yeah, I had to rob the bank to get you that bracelet and those bags," I joked.

"Okay, but really, I know you have a successful gym and stuff but what'd you do get that stuff," she asked me seriously.

I was about to tell her the good news, but Marvel came in whimpering like a puppy. I sighed as Leilani sat up on the couch. "Marvel, what's wrong, baby," Leilani was the first to ask. Instantly, Marvel burst out crying. Leilani cooed while I laughed. She hit my shoulder. "Don't laugh at her!"

"She's fake crying," I told Leilani as Marvel climbed into my lap.

"I'm not faking, da-daddy," she whimpered as I wrapped my arms around her. She buried her face in my neck and continued that fake little cry she always did when she wanted attention.

"Then what's wrong, hmm," I asked.

"I-I don't know." She wrapped her arms around me tighter and I rubbed her back.

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