Chapter 53

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Kassidi goes under and about 30 seconds later, we're standing in one of the Erudite compound apartments.

Tris shudders next to me, trying to suppress the awful memories of testing in the labs. I shudder too.

A math test appears on a table in the kitchen, and on it, in bold red letters, is the letter B. She got a B on her test. I almost laugh out loud. How could this be a fear?

A woman, who I assume is Kassidi's mother walks in, and sees the test on the table. Kassidi stands in a corner looking very afraid.

Her mother's eyes grow wide as they meet with the paper.

"KASSIDI! WHAT IS THIS?!?" She roars. Tris and I jump, not expecting that reaction.

"A-A test. F-From school." Kassidi says, barely above a whisper.

"And why, does it have a B on it?" Her mom asks, obviously knowing the answer already.

"Th-That's my grade." Kassidi whispers.

"YOUR GRADE? I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS!" Her mother roars once again.

She advances on her daughter, and Kassidi quivers in the corner.

Her mother brings up her fist, getting ready for a punch, and Tris whimpers by my side.

"We can't do anything?" She asks, her voice trembling.

"No. We'd be factionless." I whisper back.

Kassidi's mother beats her daughter repeatedly, punching,and kicking, and slapping.

"STOP! PLEASE, STOP!" Kassidi yells, sobbing.

"You are worthless, and I wish I never had you!" Her mother yells back. Kassidi continues to sob, and I get tears in my eyes, remembering my experiences.

Eventually, Tris buries her head in my shoulder, silently crying.

Suddenly, we hear, "YOU COWARD!" A knife appears next to Kassidi, and she uses it to stab her mother in the stomach. Blood pours out of her wound, and we are out of the simulation.

Kassidi breathes heavily, opening her eyes. She starts to sob uncontrollably almost a minute later.

Tris starts crying, and says, "Kass, it's ok. It wasn't real, you're ok. You're away from her now." She quickly hugs her, and stands back in her spot next to me.

Still wiping the tears off her face, Tris asks, "Kassidi? Where did you get the knife?"

"Umm, I don't know. It j-just appeared next to m-me." She answers, still shaken by the simulation. I look at Tris, and she looks at me.

'Divergent' I mouth. Tris nods.

"S-Six? May I ask where that scar came from?" Kassidi asks, pointing to Tris' cheek. She must've rubbed off the makeup in that area while she was crying.

Tris looks at me with wide eyes.

"Uhh, I--" She stammers.

I also struggle to come up with something to tell Kassidi.

"Umm, the same thing that happened to you, happened to me... Except worse. But, I didn't live with the... beatings my whole life. Just a few days..." Tris whispers.

Kassidi looks at her with sympathy in her eyes. She gets up and hugs Tris, surprising us both.

Tris looks taken aback, but quickly returns the hug.

"Thanks Kass." She says, smiling.

"Kassidi? Can you meet Six and I at this room, around 10 tonight? We have something to discuss with you." I say.

Kassidi gulps, and replies, "Y-Yeah. Sure."

"Don't worry it's nothing bad." Tris reassures her.

Kassidi walks to the door.

"Can you send in Brandon?" I ask. She nods.


The simulations went smoothly. We have 2 more Divergents. Hartlyn and Whit.

We'll talk to them at different times. We don't want them ratting each other out.

After talking to Kassidi at 10, and Hartlyn at 11, it's time to talk to Whit.

"Hey guys." He says, walking up to Tris and I.

"Whit, we need to talk to you about something very important. And it's essential for your safety, that you don't tell anyone about it." I explain.

He nods. His eyes shift to Tris about twice a minute, if she's not talking to him. I am explaining something to him, and his eyes wander yet again. I get fed up, and say, "Whit! Pay attention! This is important, and I don't need you making googly eyes at Tris the whole time! Well, you don't need to be doing that at all, actually!"

I'm enraged, and he makes it worse by saying, "What's your problem? It's not like you're her boyfriend."

"You're right he's not my boyfriend." Says Tris. My eyes go wide, and I feel my heart rip into a million pieces. I can't live without her! She's leaving me for.... HIM! Whit smirks at me.

I'm about to stomp off, when I hear Tris say, "He's my fiancé."

I sigh in relief, and let out a shaky breaths. She's staying. She's not leaving me.

Whit looks absolutely furious, and stomps off after giving me an ultimate death glare.

"Nice one." I say, laughing a bit.

Tris laughs with me, and gives me a high five.

Afterwards, I pull her in for a passionate kiss.

"I love you." I say sincerely.

"I love you too." She says, smiling.

We walk to our apartment hand in hand.


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