Chapter 52

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"Oh my God." Tris whispers.

"Evelyn?" I say to myself, walking over to her.

"Tobias!" She says with delight.

"Evelyn, how do you remember me?" I question, not bothering to show any affection towards her.

"I don't know." She states plainly, looking hurt.

"And, why are you in Abnegation clothes? You were factionless." Says Tris, beside me.

"Well, everyone forgot, so I just slipped in without anyone noticing I wasn't Abnegation." She explains harshly. I don't think she likes Tris anymore than she used to. Possibly even less now.

"Please don't speak to Tris in that tone, Evelyn." I say through clenched teeth.

I entwine my hand with Tris'.

"What is that?" She growls, gesturing to Tris' wedding ring.

"Evelyn, we're getting married." I say.


"Yes, that's what I just said..."

She looks angry, and shoots a death glare at Tris. She stomps away, with a huff.

"Ok, then." Tris says, looking defeated.

"Evelyn was Divergent too. Or just resistant to serums, like me." I say, still a little stunned.

We decide to walk back to our apartment, and eat lunch there.

"Hey, I'm sorry for how she acted towards you." I say.

"It's not your fault. But it does bother me a little that she doesn't approve of me." Tris admits.

"You know that no matter what she thinks, I will always love you, and never, ever leave you. You make me whole. With out you I'm broken." I say.

"Tobias, that was beautiful." She smiles.

I kiss her forehead. "Just like you."

She blushes.

"I love you Tobias."

"I love you too Tris."


"Initiates! Today we will start phase 2 of initiation." Tobias yells, to get them quiet.

"What is it?" Asks Jed.

"You'll find out." I spit at him. He still stares at me, in an inappropriate way.
Whit too.

"Kassidi." Calls Tobias.

She makes her way into the room, looking afraid, and confused.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine." I whisper, trying to calm her nerves.

She nods briefly, and shakes her hands out, trying to rid herself of nervousness.

"Take a seat." Says Tobias. Kassidi sits.

"We'll hook you up to these," I say, holding up the things we will put on her. "and it will allow us to see your fear, and how you'll react to it."

"Fear?" She says, bewildered.

"Yeah. You'll face one of your fears, and we'll record how you react to it." I explain, attaching the devices to her head, and neck.

Tobias is tapping away on the computer. He looks up and says, "Ready?"

Kassidi nods hesitantly.

He gets up, and grabs the needle, full of colored liquid.

She moves her hair aside, and Tobias sticks the needle into her neck.

"The serum will go into effect in 60 seconds." I say.

Kassidi sits in the chair breathing deeply for the next minute.

Then, she goes under.


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