Chapter 29

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I slowly turn the door knob, just incase Tris is sleeping.

I peek in the door, and see Tris sobbing, and thrashing, her breathing labored.

I swing the door open all the way, and run to her bed.

"Tris! Tris! Wake up! It's just a dream!" I yell.

Her eyes snap open, and she sighs.

She sees me and breathlessly says, "Tobias!"

She grips my shirt, and pulls me down for a hug. I don't want to hurt her, so I awkwardly hug her back.

She pulls away, and I kiss her lightly on the nose.

"What happened? That dream seemed way worse than any other you've ever had." I state, worried.

She sniffles, "Well, you were strapped into a chair, and-and I was stuck in a tank. Marcus came, and took off his belt. Then, I was on fire, and water was rising up. I was pressured to shoot my family, and then Marcus started beating you." She sniffles once more, and continues. "I-I couldn't get to you. Then crows came, and attacked me, and I was being kidnapped. I was going through all of my fears at once, and I had to watch you get hurt."

She cries heavily, and I wrap my arm around her small shoulders.

"Tris, that must've been awful. I'm so, so sorry. But I promise you, that'll never happen." She nods, but keeps crying.

I get a good look at her, and am taken back by her condition. My FATHER did this.

I tear slips down my cheek, and Tris looks up at me.

"What's wrong?" She asks.

"Look what he did to you! My FATHER did this! Tris, how can I live with my self?" Tears flow freely down my face, and I look down, ashamed.

"Tobias, none of this is because of you. You know that." She says soothingly.

"Tris, I think he did this to you because it would hurt me to watch it. It's my fault."

"Stop saying that!" She sounds annoyed.

I look at her face and notice a jagged scar on her right cheek. This makes me cry harder.

I cup her face with my hand, and trace the cut.

She winces.

"Sorry." I say, taking my hand away.

"It's ok..." She replies awkwardly.

I sniffle. "Now we both have scars."

"Yeah..." She says quietly. "Maybe, I can understand your pain now that it's happened to me. It'll close one of the gaps we have between us." She smiles a little.

I smile too.

"Does it... Hurt?" I ask.

"Yeah. A little." I can tell she's lying.

"Tris, he never used that belt on me. He never cut me like that." I say guiltily.

"Oh..." She says distantly. I can tell she's a lot of pain.

I call in a nurse, and she gives her pain killers.

"You hungry?" I ask, mostly because I'm hungry right now.

"Yeah, I guess."

"I'll have Christina, Uriah, and Zeke get us something." I suggest.

"Ok." She replies. "Can I see them?"

"Yeah, just a second."

I walk out if the room, and rush to where Christina, Zeke, and Uriah are.

"You guys wanna see Tris?" I ask. They are all awake now.

Christina perks up.

"Yes!" She replies.

"Zeke, Uriah, can you get us all something to eat?" I ask.

"Yeah." Uriah replies.

"Thanks. Meet us in the ICU, room 1046 when you're done."

They nod.

Christina and I walk to Tris' room.


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