Chapter 15

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We only needed to do one final test on Beatrice Prior. And this was it. Seeing how she would react to someones death, when it was her fault. Even if she chose to stay here, we would've killed Samuel anyway. We wouldn't have continued with the genetic testing. We have all the information we need. Beatrice would either be held as prisoner, or be executed if she stayed. I couldn't care less about the choice she made.



I wake up with Tobias' arms snaked around my small waist. I look up and find his stormy blue eyes staring at me.

"Hey." He says sleepily. "Any dreams?"

"No. Not this time." I tell him.

"Told you is fight 'em off." He retorts. I giggle.

"I knew you would." I say, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "I think I'm ready to explain what happened." I tell Tobias.

"Ok. I'll go get Christina and Uri." He says. I nod.

As I sit and wait, I think about the situation. Then, it hits me.

"Oh my gosh." I say to myself. Tobias, Christina, and Uriah walk in.

"What?" Asks Uri.

"I-I killed Al," Tears run down my face. "And his brother..."

I blink, trying to get the tears out of my eyes.

"What?" Tobias asks.

"S-Sam was Al's brother." I state flatly. I'm crying heavily now.

"Oh, Tris. You know Al's death wasn't your fault. He decided his fate." Christina says. She comes over to my cot, and hugs me.

"And Tris, it's my fault Sam is dead I spoke for you." Tobias assures me.

"But, maybe if I had forgiven Al, he'd be with us right now. And, I think I would've chosen to go home. So it's my fault." I say sniffling.

"No it's not!" Tobias, Christina, and Uriah shout in sync.

"I don't know. So, when I escaped, Riley told me that I could either go home, or stay here and do more 'tests'." I shudder when I say the word 'tests'. "But, the penalty for going home, was Samuel dying. I didn't know what to do. Samuel and I became friends, and I couldn't just...let him die, because of my choices." I say, with silent tears flowing freely down my soft cheeks. "But, I really wanted to go home with you guys, so everything could be somewhat normal again. Also, I couldn't go through another test again. I'd break. It was all just...too much." None of them know what happened to me in the 'tests', and I don't plan on telling them anytime soon.

"What did they do to you?" Uriah questions.

My bottom lip quivers as I try to keep from sobbing. But, it doesn't work. I sob, hard, into my hands. Tobias cradles me, trying to give me some sense of security.

"I'm sorry Tris. I didn't know it would upset you." Uriah says guiltily.

When the sobs finally stop, I say, "It's ok Uri, you were just curious. Maybe one day I'll tell you." I sniffle, and look at my hands, that are in my lap. They're trembling.

What will life be like, with these terrible memories stuck permanently in my head?




Today is the day we go back to Chicago. Home. Or, what used to be home.

Tris is slowly accepting her brother's death. But I'm getting worried. She's having more and more nightmares. And they're getting worse. The bad dreams are becoming more consistent. She sometimes has 2-3 per night. What did they do to my Tris?

"Do you have all of your stuff?" Christina asks Tris and I.

"Yes." We answer in unison. I rub my eyes, trying to stay awake.

"Let's go." Tris says, yawning.

We pile into a big, gray truck, that says 'Ford' on the front. This thing looks really old. Like it could crumble into nothingness any second.

I sit next to Tris, and she puts her head on my shoulder.

"Get some sleep. It'll be awhile before we get home." I say.

"No. I don't want any dreams on a day that's supposed to be happy. Why don't you get some sleep? You need it just as much as I do." She replies.

I shake my head.

We sit in silence the entire ride there. We pass the fence, and I look around.

"What happened here?" Uriah asks.

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