Chapter 38

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Tris has become much, much better since the...incident.

She's having less dreams, and they are becoming less vivid, and frightening. I'm really proud of her.

Today is the choosing ceremony, so Tris and I have to get up early.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off.

Tris is still sound asleep. I shake her shoulders. Nothing. She sure is a heavy sleeper.



I give her a quick peck in the lips, and her eyes flutter open.

"Morning gorgeous." I say.

She blushes. "Morning handsome."

It's my turn to blush now.

"I'm gonna take a shower." She tells me.

"Ok. I'll make us some breakfast." I say.

She runs into the bathroom, and turns the shower on.

I take out some eggs, and quickly put them into a pan on the stove. When they're finished, I put them on a plate, and grab two muffins.

Tris comes out of the bathroom dressed in black leggings, and a black tank top that shows off her ravens.

"Tris, you CANNOT wear that!"

"Why not?" She asks cluelessly.

"Leggings, and a tank top?!? The boy initiates will be drooling all over you!" I say defensively.

"Yeah, sure." She smirks.

"It's true." I say.

"Well, if that does happen, you can beat them up for me."

"Deal." I reach out my hand, and we shake on it.

"Wait, are we even going to tell them about our relationship?" She asks.

"Umm, I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't. They won't take us seriously if they know." I think aloud.

"Your right."

"This is gonna be SO hard!" I sigh

"Yeah. But it's only for a little while." She reassures me.

We finish breakfast, and it's my turn to take a shower. When I finish, Tris goes in there and does her make-up, and fixes her hair.

"Tris you don't need make-up. I like you without it." I tell her sincerely.

"Thanks. But, I don't like me without it." She says, glancing down.

"Tris, why not?"

She points to her cheek. The scar.

"Tris, I don't care about that." I tell her, cupping her face with my hands.

"Well, other people do. And so do I." She counters.

I sigh. "If it makes you feel better."

"Let's go." She says.

She laces her fingers with mine, and we walk to the net.


A scream rings in the dome shaped room and I see a flash of black and white. Tris reaches her hand out, and the Candor grabs it.

Tris helps her off the net, and asks, "Name?"

"Viviana." She answers confidently.

"Make the announcement Tris." I tell her smirking.

"FIRST JUMPER, VIVIANA!" Tris yells, raising Viviana's hand up in the air.

Dauntless cheer all around us.

After 15 minutes, all of the initiates are here.

1. VIVIANA--Candor
2.BRANDON--Candor (Who is staring at Tris in a way I DO NOT like!)
6.JEDEDIAH--Erudite (Also staring at Tris...)


Only 9 Transfers. This shouldn't be too hard.

"DAUNTLESS BORNS COME WITH ME!" Zeke yells. The Dauntless borns file out. That leaves us with the transfers.

"Alright! I'm Four!" I yell.

"And I'm Six!" Says Tris.

"We will be your in--"

"Numbers for names? Really?" Whit says, chuckling.

Tris looks at me, asking if she can tell him off. I nod, and she walks over to him.

She looks up, he is easily 7 inches taller than her.

"You got a problem Candor?" She asks him intimidatingly.

"N-No ma'am." He replies.

"If I wanted to deal with Candor smart mouths, I would've joined their faction. So shut up." She spits at Whit.

I smirk. So does she.

"Ok Six and I will show you to the Pit."

A few snickers come from the initiates.

"I said SHUT UP!" Tris yells.

Wow. Didn't know she could be this strict.

We show them the Pit, and the Chasm, then we lead them to the Cafeteria.

"This is where you will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Tris says.

"Follow us to your dorms." I command.


When they get settled in, Tris and I walk back home. When we get inside, Tris immediately says, "That was SO much fun!"

I smile.

"I hated acting like I didn't love you though." I say.

"Yeah. That stinks." She replies. "But, we don't have to act anymore."

She kisses me roughly, and I smile.

We break apart, and I say, "I love you Six."

"I love you Four."


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