Chapter 22

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(I quickly open the door, and see...)

Nothing. There's nothing in here! All I see is a tape recorder. That's where the cries are coming from. But, it is Tris' voice. I wonder how, and when Marcus recorded that.

"Do you think this means we're getting close? Maybe it's a distraction." Zeke infers.

"Yeah, maybe." Uriah replies.

We all turn away from the small, dull room, and gather in the hallway.

"Guys, did you ever think that this could be a tra-" I stop mid sentence, when I feel a bag being pulled over my head.

I kick blindly into the air. Nothing. I hear Zeke and Uriah's muffled screams.


I feel a pinch, assume its and injection, and crumple to the floor.



I wake up groggily, and open my eyes. I see two figures, but I can't tell who they are. I try to rub my eyes, but find my body tied to where I'm sitting. I blink a few, to get the blurriness if sleep away.

I see Tris and Marcus.

"Tris!" I yell.

She looks up with salty tears pouring out of her eyes.

"Now you have to watch, right in front of her. Best seat in the house!" Marcus tells me enthusiastically.

"Told ya it would be worse." He whispers.

"Tris! I'm so, so sorry! I didn't mean for any of this to happen! You have to live through this, you have to!" I plead, tears blurring my vision. She gives a slight nod.

Marcus takes out a needle, and pokes Tris with it.

Within seconds her eyes grow wide, and her pupils dilate. Her breath comes in short, ragged sputters.

She looks the most frightened I've ever seen anyone look.

She whimpers, and that whimper turns into a sob.

Soon she screams. Her body shakes violently, trying to fight off whatever she is seeing. Her screams are ringing in my ears.

I shut my eyes tightly, and pray that this will all stop soon. I can't take it anymore. Now I'm sobbing.

This is tearing me apart.


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