Chapter 1

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Hey guys, some of you may have already read this. I deleted my story "Allegiant:Alternate Ending". I decided to put it into chapters, and I changed the title. But I promise, I will update farther than that story went.
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I open my eyes and find myself in a white, sterile room. My head is pounding, and I feel as if I could pass out at any moment.

Where am I? I think to myself.

"You're at the Bureau Tris." A mysterious male voice says. I jump, causing pain to shoot through my body. I groan. Did I say that out loud?

"Glad to see you're awake." The voice says. I look around the small, cramped room. Tobias wouldn't have liked this. Tobias! Where is he?!?

I must look frantic because the voice says, "Calm down Tris, you'll hurt yourself. You are in a very serious condition."

I find a man with mousy brown hair, and forest green eyes standing in the corner. The voice must belong to him.

"What am I doing here?" I demand.

"Sorry Tris, I can't tell you that."

I'm fuming, and feel ready to punch someone.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" I yell, straining my frail, weak voice.

"I'm Tyler, your doctor. And, you don't remember? Everyone here knows you. We've watched you and others in Chicago on our video screens."

I feel yet another burst of anger. How dare they invade our privacy!

"Where are Tobias, Christina, Cara, and Caleb?" I ask, eager to know the answer.

"Probably mourning over your fake dead body." Tyler answers smoothly.

"Excuse me? My "dead" body?" I say putting air quotes around the word dead. I wince. It hurts to lift my scrawny arms.

"Yes, of course. What else would they be doing?" He replies, like I should know this information already.

I scowl at him, and he walks out if the room. Sobs wrack my body. My friends think I'm dead! What if I never get to see them again? Will they all move on and forget about me? What about Tobias? Will he find another girl that's prettier than me? Or will he live his life in a depression, like I would if he "died"?

I'm feeling light headed. My breathing gets heavier, and I start to hyperventilate. This is all too much. I'm so confused. What will I do?!? My body goes limp, and I slip our of consciousness.


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