Chapter 12

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Caleb!? Caleb is--was-- my donor. This isn't happening.

"What?" Tris asks, eyes brimming with tears.

"He's gone. I'm sorry." The nurse says. She walks away.

Tris sobs, and falls on the floor. Her body is shaking violently. This is my fault.

I rip the IV's out of my arms. I sit up. Pain crawls it's way up my sides, but I don't care. I stand up, bend down and scoop up Tris.

The pain feels like fire, and it licks at my torso. But still, I don't care. I set her down in my hospital bed, and I crawl in after her. My vision goes black around the edges. I gather her up in my arms, picking up the broken pieces of her heart along the way. Then, as Tris sobs into my shirt, I fall out of consciousness.



My heart feels like it's being ripped out of my chest, then being broken into a million pieces. Caleb, my only family member, is gone. I have no one. I don't have a family anymore.

I fall to the ground, and sobs wrack my small body. Why! Why did he have to do this? I know it saved Tobias, and I'm happy about that. But why couldn't it have been someone else? The Bureau is pretty high tech. Couldn't they create and artificial liver or something?

I feel myself being lifted into the air. Strong arms wrap around me, and set me down on the hospital bed. It's Tobias. He lays down next to me, and wraps his arms around my small frame once more. I pull my face into his chest, and clutch his hospital gown in my fists. I cry, and cry, and cry, until sleep takes over.



Tris has been in Tobias' hospital room for a while. I hope they're ok.

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